Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment and Batteries | What You Need to Know

Milwaukee Mfg. Co., Inc. (MKE) was founded in 1882 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Henry W. Milburn and William A. Milburn with the goal of manufacturing and selling gasoline engines, motors, generators, compressors and other related equipment used in the manufacture of motor vehicles and farm machinery.

The company’s first product was a gas engine manufactured from 1883 until 1895. By 1897, the company had produced over 1,000 engines and sold them to several customers including General Motors, Standard Oil Company of California and others.

In 1898, the Milburn Engine Company moved its headquarters to Chicago where it continued to produce automotive products under various brand names until 1902 when it was acquired by the American Gasoline Association (AGA).

In 1903, the Milburn Engine Company began producing gasoline engines under the name “Milburn” which later became part of the Milwaukee Fuel Corporation. In 1910, the MILBURY Gasoline Engine Company was formed to market and sell all types of MILBURY gasolines and fuels.

In 1914, the MILBURY Gasoline Machine Co. was created to market and sell all types of MILBURY gasolines and fuels. By 1916, the company had expanded its market to include a global presence. In 1917, the company began manufacturing and selling sparkplugs and vehicle lighting systems. In 1924, the company incorporated as The Milwaukee Electric Tool Company and began trading on the American Stock Exchange.

During World War II, the company manufactured hand-held drilling rigs for use by the United States Navy.

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