Milwaukee M18 Work Light 49-24-0171 Review

Milwaukee M18 Work Light 49-24-0171 Review: Replacement Bulbs For Milwaukeean Lights

The following are the most common types of bulbs used in Milwaukee lights. You may have heard them referred to as “milk” or “white”. They all do the same job, but they look different.

Some are a little brighter than others, so if you want to save money, it would be best to get the ones with the brightest white bulbs. These are usually the cheapest ones.

Milwaukee M18 Stick Light Bulb (White)

These are the bulbs that come standard in many Milwaukee lights. They’re a bit brighter than other types, and they last longer too. If you need something bright enough to see your way around at night, these will probably do the trick.

They’re not expensive either!

Milwaukee M18 Light Bulb (White)

If you need something a little less bright, then you’ll probably want to go with Milwaukee’s new M18 White Bulbs. These are very similar to their milwaukee m18 sticks, but they use a white filament instead of a red one. They’re supposed to last longer too!

M In Milwaukee M18 Work Light Bulb (White)

These bulbs are often used when you need to see something far away in the dark. They’re probably the brightest of all the bulbs listed here, and most people like them because they don’t blind anyone if you’re working in a team. However, these bulbs are more expensive than the others listed here.

Milwaukee M18 Work Light 49-24-0171 Review on

M In Milwaukee M18 Light (Red)

The last ones listed here are the red bulbs. These lights are used primarily in the woods when you need to see something without spooking animals or scaring other people away. They’re not as bright as the other types listed here, but they still last a long time and they’re very affordable.

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