Milwaukee M18 Utility Bucket Light 2122-20

Milwaukee M18 Utility Bucket Light 2122-20

The Milwaukee M18 Bucket Light Kit is one of the most popular models among home owners. They are easy to install and provide adequate lighting for your home or business. These lights have a built in timer which allows them to turn off automatically at night time when they are not being used.

You will need to purchase a separate remote control switch to operate these lights.

Milwaukee M18 Bucket Lights come with two different types of bulbs: incandescent (blue) and fluorescent (yellow). Each type provides a slightly different color spectrum depending upon the wavelength of light it emits. For example, blue light is considered warmer than yellow light, so incandescent bulbs emit warm colors while fluorescent bulbs emit cooler colors.

There are several advantages to using these buckets over standard ceiling fans. First, they do not require regular maintenance since they only use electricity during the day. Second, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other options such as hanging lights from ceilings or installing overhead fixtures.

Finally, because of their low cost and simple installation, they make great gifts for friends and family members! These lights are also perfect for any room in your home, including garages, pantries, closets, attics, and more.

The M18 2122-20 is a great choice for your home. This kit includes 2 lights with 20 watts each, 120 volts and a built in timer which automatically turns the lights on at night and off during the day. When fully charged, the included batteries can power the lights for up to 5 hours at night and 16 hours during the day.

These durable and waterproof units are made of heavy duty plastic and include one hanging bracket for easy installation. Each light is 4.5″ in diameter and 3.5″ deep (with bracket). These lights are also great for camping, cabins, sheds, and more.

You can also choose to purchase additional lights separately so you can illuminate larger areas or add more ambiance to your home. Each light requires a separate remote switch in order to turn it on or off. (These are sold separately)

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The M18 2122-20 includes:

2 – 20 watt fluorescent lights with built in timer

2 – 18 volt/3.0 ah batteries

2 – Bases

2 – Hanging brackets

2 – Light bulbs (incandescent or flourescent)

1- Remote switch

The M18 2122-20 requires: (each sold separately)

1 – 18 volt/4.0 ah battery

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1 – 18 volt/2.0 ah battery

2 – 12 volt/3.0 ah batteries



Do I need to purchase additional remotes?

A. No, each light comes with a remote which can turn it on and off remotely up to 100 feet away. However, if you would like multiple lights to turn on or off at different times you will need to buy additional remotes that are sold separately.


Are these lights suitable for outdoors?

A. No, these lights are for indoor use only.


How long do the batteries last?

A. That depends upon which batteries you choose to use. The included 3.0 ah batteries will last 5 hours at night and 16 hours during the day. The 4.0 ah battery will last 10 hours at night and the 2.0 will last up to a full day. We also offer 12 volt and 18 volt options as well.


How much are the replacement batteries?

A. The 3.0 ah battery is $15, the 4.0 ah battery is $30, the 2.0 ah battery is $20, and the 12v/3.0 ah battery is $20. The 18v/3.0 ah battery is $25 and the 18v/4.0 ah battery is $40.


How often do the lights need to be changed?

A. The fluorescent tubes last up to 60000 hours, so you won’t need to change them very often. The incandescent bulbs last up to 100000 hours and are also easy to replace.


What is the warranty?

A. The lights themselves have a two year warranty and the bulbs have a 90 day warranty.

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