Milwaukee M18/M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker Review

Milwaukee M18/M12 Wireless Job Site Radio Problems

The wireless job site was started by the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been trying to get rid of their old copper wire network because it’s too expensive to maintain and they want to move towards using fiber optic technology instead.

But they are having trouble with the new wireless system because of some technical issues.

First, there were complaints from users that the radio was very weak and unreliable. Then when they tried to use their phones or other devices on the job sites, they could not make calls at all.

Finally, after many complaints from users, the City finally took action and ordered a complete shutdown of all wireless services within one mile of the downtown area.

They had to do this quickly since the job sites were already starting to fill up with people looking for work. People couldn’t even go outside anymore without being harassed by security guards.

There was no way around it; they had to shut down everything!

But then things got worse when the city announced that anyone still using their radios would be fined $500 per day until they fixed them. People could no longer work, money was tight, and there was nothing they could do about it.

That’s when you decided to take action!

Your research lead you to a series of abandoned tunnels running from an old fallout shelter under a bank downtown all the way out to the suburbs. You packed up what you could carry, left your job site, and have been living down here ever since.

The tunnels are a little rough, but you’ve made the best of it. There is one other person you’ve seen here, a man who goes by the name “Beans”. He salvages for a living and has set up a little shop at the far end of the tunnel. He sells things like batteries, lanterns, and even some basic electronics. You don’t have much money to spend though so you mostly try to stay out of his way.

Today is your day off though so you decide to head over and see if he’s got anything you need. You think about bringing your radio but then decide it would be best to leave it behind in case any other inspectors come down here.

You know the cops don’t patrol these tunnels but you still don’t want to take any chances.

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When you arrive at Beans’ shop he’s tending to a little generator he has set up in the corner. He heats up some water on a small burner and then pours it into a can of black market coffee he got from who-knows-where and then sets it down on the floor so you can share it.

You start making small talk about how business is going but then get to the real reason for your visit. You pull out a small tablet and show him some of the things you’ve found as far as security flaws in the city’s new wireless system.

Beans doesn’t seem very impressed though.

He explains that he has tried to hack into it several times but hasn’t had any luck. He says that it is probably some state of the art military grade encrypted system and there is no way that either one of you is going to be able to crack it.

He goes on to say that even if you could, it would be pointless since the signal probably doesn’t extend past the city limits. He suggests that you forget about it and tells you he needs to get back to work on his latest project of making permanent glowing fluorescent dye from some kind of sea creature that lives on the ocean floor.

(You have no idea if that is even possible but you don’t argue with him).

You are a little disappointed that he doesn’t offer to help you, but then why would he?

All you can do is thank him for the coffee and move on.

You’re not quite sure what else to do so you decide to head further down into the tunnels. You have been going down here long enough that you are pretty sure there is a way out under the city somewhere.

You just need to find it.

You spend hours digging and shuffling through dirt until finally you come up through a hole in the ground. It’s dark out so you haven’t been digging that long, but when you stand up and look around, you hardly recognize where you are.

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The city seems have changed A LOT since the last time you were on the surface.

Most of the buildings around you are damaged or destroyed and there isn’t a single light on anywhere.

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