Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer Review:

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer is one of the best fuel mixing devices available today. It’s not just a simple gasoline/methanol mixers, it’s a complete fuel mixing system that includes all necessary parts to make your own homemade gas mixture at home. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to operate this device. This fuel mixing unit comes with a manual and automatic fuel dispensing feature. Both features are very useful when making your own homemade gas mixture at home.

In order to use this fuel mixing device you will have to purchase some supplies first. There are two different types of fuel that you’ll want to buy: gasoline and diesel oil (diesel oil is used in many industrial applications). Gasoline costs less than diesel oil so if you’re looking to save money, then you might consider buying gasoline instead of diesel oil. If you plan on using this fuel mixing device frequently, then you may want to invest in more expensive diesel oil.

You’ll also need a container for storing the finished product. A large plastic garbage bag works well because it allows air flow inside while keeping the contents dry and protected from moisture.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1) Milwaukee M18 Fuel mixing unit.

2) 5 Gallons of gasoline.

3) One 5-gallon container of diesel oil.

Here’s what you’ll do:

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer -

1) Buy 5 gallons of gasoline and a 5-gallon container of diesel oil.

2) When you get home, pour the diesel oil into the mixing unit’s storage tank (the big canister on the right side of the device).

3) Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Since this is the first time you’re making gas, you’ll have to “burp” the tank by slowly turning the big silver knob on top of the tank a few times from right to left. Do this until gas begins pouring out of the vent pipe (it’s the small black pipe on top of the tank).

4) Next, unscrew the black cap at the bottom of the tank and set it aside.

5) Slowly pour the gasoline into the tank until it’s about 3/4 full.

6) Now here comes the fun part, you get to mix the gas!

Start by slowly turning the big silver knob on top of the tank from right to left until you start seeing a mixture of gas and diesel oil begin pouring out of the pipe. Slowly continue doing this until the liquid coming out of the pipe is a light brown color. It’s very important that you don’t pour gas into the tank too quickly otherwise you might overfill the tank and cause gasoline to overflow when you screw on the cap at the bottom. If this happens, then you should quickly unscrew the cap on top and let the excess gas flow out before sealing it back up again.

7. Now that you’ve mixed the gas to the proper color, now you’ll want to mix it with diesel oil to create the highest octane level possible.

To do this, slowly turn the silver knob back to the right until the liquid coming out is a dark brown color. If your goal is to make a less explosive mixture for running power tools such as drills and circular saws, then stop when the liquid coming out is a lighter brown color.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer |

8. When you’re finished, screw on the bottom cap and then unscrew it again.

This will cause any excess gas to come pouring out. If any gas does overflow, then unscrew the top cap and let it flow out until no more liquid comes out.

9. Now that your fuel is mixed, you can fill up the storage tank that’s built into the device or into any other container that you wish.

Now that you’ve completed your task, you can use the fuel as you would with regular gasoline.

If you’d like to store extra fuel for later, then you can simply fill up any plastic container that has a tight-fitting screw on cap such as a gas can or milk jug. Use only plastic or metal containers since paper containers may soak up the fuel and cause them to ignite.

Please be careful when storing fuel inside your home since if a fire were to start, it could easily ignite the fumes and blow up your house or apartment. As such, you should only mix as much fuel as you’re going to use right away and only store it inside for short periods of time.

Also, be sure to clean the devices as explained below after using the fuel so you can store it for later use.

To clean the gas:

1) Get a bucket and place a cloth or paper towel in the bottom.

2) Attach the tubing to the pouring nozzle and place the other end in the container.

3) Open the valve on the storage tank and allow the gas to pour into the bucket until it’s about 1/3 full.

4) Now get a small cup of any size and fill it up about 1/4 of the way with gas.

The paint thinner will help thin out the gas so that it’s easier to light. It will also evaporate much quicker making it safer to store since it will disperse quicker if ignited.

You can adjust the amount of thinner to achieve the ratio that you want. Be sure not to add too much thinner since it will make the mixture far too volatile and prone to ignite from static electricity or a simple spark.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer -

Once finished, close the valve on the storage tank and remove the tubing from the bucket. Place a lid on the bucket to prevent debris from falling in and contaminating the fuel.

Using the Fuel

Due to the highly volatile nature of this fuel, it’s very important that you take all safety precautious when using it. It can ignite from a simple spark or even static electricity. As such, a general rule of thumb is NEVER use this indoors.

Always make sure there are no sources of sparks such as power tools or anything else that may cause a spark. Also be sure to never smoke while handling this fuel or light it with a flame as either action may result in an explosion.

Always have a source of water on hand such as a fire extinguisher in case the fuel does ignite.

If you find that there are sparks or an ignition source where you’re using the fuel, immediately spray the area with water to quench any potential flames. Never try to move the device if it has ignited since this could spread the flames to other locations.

Once ignited, the fuel itself is unlikely to explode since it’s mostly just liquid. However, the device that was used to ignite it may explode since they are pressurized.

For this reason, you should only use this fuel with a dedicated flare launcher such as the ones designed for this purpose.

Also, never aim the flare at any person or animal and avoid placing shields near the device since it may lower the burning velocity of the fuel and cause it to not ignite properly.

Once ignited, the fuel will burn for about 30 seconds at which point it will begin dropping to the ground. Once it hits the ground, it will still continue to burn until it has consumed all the fuel.

This will cause a temporary fire which will last for up to a couple of minutes and will then go out on its own. Shortly thereafter, the container will become very hot so be sure to allow it to cool before handling.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer |

The fuel should never be stored in a glass container since the shock from the explosion may break the glass and cause it to shatter.

Most plastic containers are not able to withstand the force of this explosion either so avoid using them as well.

The best thing to use is a metal container since it will not shatter and will merely bend. Also, these containers can be reused since the explosion will not damage them.

The flare gun should also never be aimed at people or animals as the burning fuel falling to the ground may land on them instead of the ground.

Also, it’s a good idea to always have a fire extinguisher on hand in case the fuel does land on something flammable and causes flames to start.

While the fuel is highly volatile and should be handled with care and respect, you will find that it is very useful for outdoor situations when you need a fire and there is a possibility of rain.

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