Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review: Pros & Cons


1) Price – $399.

99 (for the 2-in-1 version).

2) Features – The included nail gun comes with two different sizes of nails, which are ideal for framing walls or other small projects.

You can use it to build up a wall or just to nail down some boards.

3) Quality – The product is made from high quality materials.

4) Easy to Use – It’s easy to operate and you don’t need any special training.

You just have to set the size of nails and then hit the button. No complicated instructions needed either!


1) Size – While it’s convenient that it fits both hands, it might not fit your hand well if you’re short or tall.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review -

2) Range – It doesn’t come with a battery charger, so you’ll have to bring one along.

If you want to charge it while working on your project, you’ll have to carry around extra batteries.

3) Warranty – The warranty only covers the manufacturer’s defects and does not cover normal wear and tear.

So if something happens during the course of using it, then there will be no support available for you.

The Best Tool For Your Needs?

If you’re an occasional handyman or hobbyist, then this is a great product for you. It works well and has all the features that you need. It’s easy to use, so you won’t need any sort of training in order for you to operate it. It’s also very reasonably priced! However, if you’re a professional or want to use it every day, then it might not be the best option for you. It doesn’t come with a battery charger and the batteries won’t last very long either. So if you need something that has a bigger range, then you might need to look elsewhere.

The M18 Fuel is a great product for first-time users to start getting accustomed to using power tools. It’s easy to use, very affordable, and has all the features you need for small projects.

It’s great for things like framing walls or just to hang some drywall. If it ever breaks down on you, then you can rest assured that Milwaukee offers great customer support and will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

The M18 Fuel is a great option to consider when looking for a cordless framing nailer, especially if you’re a hobbyist or new user. It’s affordable and very easy to use, so this is a great product to get started with your power tool projects.

If you’re looking for something that’s more heavy duty, then you’ll want to take a look at the framing nailers from Bostitch or DeWalt. These are more expensive options, but they’re very durable and can work for multiple jobs over the course of several years.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Demo

Here’s a video that demonstrates the use of the framing nailer. It shows how quickly you can get the job done with it and what quality of work you can expect.

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Wikipedia – Milwaukee Tool

The company is a manufacturer that specializes in tools for professional use. Their headquarters are located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

They were founded all the way back in 1924 by Karl Benjamin Milwaukee. He originally started the business in order to create a portable drill that could be powered by an internal combustion engine. The company later formed a partnership with Oneida Limited in order to increase their production levels.

Over the years, they started creating tools for consumer use. Their products have been featured in many popular movies such as Batman Begins, Avatar, and even the latest Star Wars movies.

They’re one of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world of construction tools. They currently employ over 11,000 workers across dozens of different countries. They continue to grow and add new innovations to their tools in order to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

DeWalt Vs. Milwaukee Nailers

Milwaukee is one of the top competitors when it comes to framing nailers. They have many different models available that are very similar in price and quality.

In most situations, choosing between them will come down to personal preference. You should compare the different nailers based on what’s most important to you.

If you do a lot of work in tight spaces, then you’ll probably prefer the M18 Fuel framing nailer. Not only is it lighter, but it also has an adjustable exhaust so that air is pushing out sideways instead blowing directly at you.

The M18 Red Lithium batteries also last longer and hold a charge even if they aren’t being used.

If you’re looking for something affordable and reliable, then the 6081 M18 Fuel framing nailer is a great choice. It’s similar to the 6013, but it has more features and lasts longer between charges.

It’s not that much more expensive than the 6013, so it’s worth the extra money if you can afford it.

The 6013 is a bare-bones model that gets the job done at an affordable price. It doesn’t have the same level of finesse or design choices that made it into the 6081, but it still has more than enough power to get the job done.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review at

It’s also lighter and cheaper, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Power Carpentry

Framing Nailer vs. Finish Nailer

Bury the head of the nail below the surface of the wood. This prevents it from scratching floors and carpets.

You can also cover it with a finishing nail to ensure it doesn’t scratch anything.

Nails that are covered are less likely to snag fabric so you can use them around curtains and upholstery.

Hiding the head of the nail prevents them from poking through cardboard and plastic. This can prevent injuries if you have children or pets.

Make sure to use the right length of nail when using a finish nailer. If it’s too long, it can cause serious damage to whatever you’re nailing down.

Too short and it won’t hold very well.

You can grind down the head of a framing nail so that it’s not as sharp. This way, you can use it for finish work without having to worry about it damaging the material.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review at

The heads on finish nails are very small so they don’t leave big holes. Framing nails make bigger holes so you need to fill them before painting.

Finish nails typically have a round head while framing nails usually have a clipped head.

Make sure that you’re using the correct type of nail for your project. Using the wrong type can cause damage or injury.

Electric vs. Pneumatic

An electric framing nailer is going to be much lighter than a pneumatic one. If you have to carry it around all day, this can make a big difference.

Pneumatic nailers don’t require batteries or fuel so they’re going to be more reliable in the long run. They’re also less likely to jam or break if you accidentally drop them.

Electric nailers are typically cheaper than pneumatic ones. They’re a good choice if you only need to do light work once in a while.

Pneumatic nailers tend to be more powerful. While an electric one can handle softwoods, you’re going to have a hard time using it for harder woods or composites.

Battery Life & Charge Time

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review - Picture

Safety Features

Oil vs.

Gas: Which is Better?

What Type of Nailer is Right for You? Nail guns are very common these days. They make building things a lot quicker and easier so most people choose to purchase at least one for their home. Whether you’re building something from scratch or improving your home, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Which one is the best for you?

Let’s take a look:This is the most basic kind of nail gun. It works just like a handheld version, but it’s been mounted to a piece of wood. These are great if you don’t have a lot of space since they can be used just like a hammer. They can also offer a better angled shot so you don’t miss the wood completely. While these are cheap and readily available at any store that sells building supplies, they’re not very versatile. Unless you’re just putting up sheetrock in your house, you’re probably going to need something else.These are a step up from the traditional nail gun. They still fire small nails, but they offer a little more versatility. These are great for people who just need to build small things like bookcases or storage units. You can get ones that shoot 2-3 nails at a time or ones that have a clip that holds a dozen or so nails. Typically these have shorter barrels so they can fit in tighter places. Framers typically use a version of this gun that shoots 3″ to 4″ nails.These are the best choice if you want to put up sheathing, molding or even flooring. These are pneumatic and offer the most power out of any type of nailer. They can be a bit unwieldy, but if you get one with an extension tube, that problem can be alleviated. These can also shoot specialty nails such as laminate or flooring. If you’re going to be working with wood, you can’t go wrong with this tool.These are a cross between a pneumatic nailer and an air compressor. They use an electric motor to compress air which is then used to fire the nails. These don’t require any fuel so they’re great for places where there aren’t any gas stations around. The big downside is the fact that they’re not as powerful and don’t always have the ability to shoot specialty nails. These are great for people who do a lot of work on their homes, but if you’re a professional, you’ll probably want something with more power.These work like an electric nail gun, but instead of plugging into the wall, they plug into a battery pack. There are pros and cons to both types. The upside to these is the fact that you’re not tethered to a cord. If you need to move around a lot, these are a great option. The downside is the fact that they tend to lose power quicker and can die on you in the middle of a project. These are typically used for lighter work when portability is more important than power.These are similar to electric nail guns, but are often times quieter. They use an internal combustion engine to compress air which drives the nails. These are great if you don’t want the noise that comes with a traditional air compressor. They can be a bit heavier, but they offer more versatility than an electric unit.These are typically reserved for people who do a lot of staining or clearing a lot of brush. These throw the nails out like bullets which can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You also need to be careful where you shoot because if you miss the wood, you could hit someone in the leg. These are typically frowned upon by building inspectors because they can cause a lot of damage to someone if used improperly.We’ve all seen movies where the villain tortures the hero with a nail gun and that’s about what this is. This can be a bit unwieldy, but if you know what you’re doing, this can be an amazing tool in your arsenal. They typically shoot much larger nails than any of the other types of nail guns. These can be great for building decks, stairs and fine woodworking. These can be a bit dangerous though so make sure you wear all of the protective gear.

You’re probably wondering why you need to wear ear protection with a nail gun. It’s not because it’s inherently loud, but more than you can easily damage your hearing if you’re not careful.

You need to be wearing ear protection when using one of these just to be safe. You don’t want to wake up one day and not be able to hear.


A mattock is a great tool for breaking up hard ground, chopping shrubs, digging, and other rough manual labor. It’s a very simple tool and has been in use for hundreds of years.

It’s basically like an axe on a stick.


You can’t knock a nail into a piece of wood without this handy tool. The sledgehammer is a great addition to any tool box and is one of the oldest tools around.

It’s been used for hundreds of years to break up rocks and other hard materials.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review from our website


The shovel is another one of those simple tools that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s used to move earth and other materials.

It’s a very handy tool for anyone to own and if you want to build a bunker, you should definitely own one or even two.

Shovels come in many different styles and shapes. Some have straight blades while others are for moving soil and sand.

You may need more than one type, but for the average person a standard shovel is all you should need.

In the early days of a survival situation, one of your main goals will be to acquire water. Whether it’s drinking or growing crops, water will be essential.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be near a body of water and all you’ll have to do is collect it. This is where a bucket and pail come in handy.

It never hurts to have more than one, so if you can, stash away a few.

When the world as we know it comes to an end, you can bet your bottom dollar that some people aren’t going to be happy about it. As soon as things start to go south, you can count on others to rob and steal everything you’ve worked so hard for.

If possible, try to always have a gun or pistol within reach in case you should come across one of these bandits. Don’t take any chances; shoot first and ask questions later!

Other people are just going to be completely confused and scared of what’s happening in the world. These are the type of people that you’re going to want to avoid at all costs.

Trusting anyone at this point would be foolish.

Keep these items close and stay safe.

You never know when you’re going to come across something that could prove to be useful. So when you find something you might need, stash it away somewhere for safe keeping.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review from our website

There are some items out there that you should just always keep in abundant supply such as:

Toilet Paper:

Pretty obvious why this is necessary and while it doesn’t seem like a luxury, you’d be surprised at how often people don’t think about this until they need it. Get used to carrying a good amount of this with you everywhere you go and don’t skimp on quality.

First Aid Kit:

You need bandages, disinfectant, tape, and anything else you think would be useful in the event of an injury or if someone gets sick. Again, don’t go overboard, but get what you think is necessary.

You won’t regret it.


These are an obvious necessity in the dark times ahead. Whether you want to light them up yourself or trade them away, they’re always useful so stock up as much as possible.


You never know when these little guys will come in handy. Try to keep a good amount on your person at all times and keep them dry.

You don’t want them to get wet and useless. Think of them as bullets in a way.

If you end up in a city, these will be much easier to find. If you end up in a more rural area, these will be much harder to come across.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review - Picture

Either way, keep an eye out for them because as far as light sources go, a fire beats having to carry around a torch any day.

The colder it gets, the more important it is to keep warm. It won’t do you much good to lay down at night and freeze to death.

The key thing is to keep your body temperature at a normal level. If it gets too hot, take off some clothes, if it gets too cold, put more clothes on. It’s really that simple.


Getting extra clothing in a survival situation is pretty easy because all you have to do is take them from dead people. Just make sure you take everything you can, clothes are a very precious commodity in this new world.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to survive in any situation. It’s more important than food because you can go a lot longer without food than you can without water.

When it comes to water, the two most readily available sources are rivers and natural springs. If you come across either one of these, do not imbibe from it without first boiling the water or filtering it.

Most of the time, the water in these locations will be safe to drink but it never hurts to be cautious.

Water can also be obtained from other less wholesome, but still usable sources such as melted snow, your own urine (provided you’ve been drinking it), and of course human blood. Your last resort for water would be liquefied undead flesh.

While not particularly dangerous to drink, it’s still something you’d prefer not to resort to and can cause some slight issues if imbibed in large quantities.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review at

Filtering the water is as simple as getting a container of some sort and pouring the water through it after it’s been boiled. A lot of times you’ll be able to find appropriate containers such as cups or bottles that have been left behind in houses.

If you do find a container, it’s a good idea to fill it with water whenever you come across a source. Water is far too valuable to go back to the source and carry it all the way back with you.

You can use items that are porous such as a cloth or piece of cloth to filter out larger pieces of debris. However, these will not remove toxic materials or bacteria so you’ll still want to boil the water before drinking.

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