Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2-inch Circular Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2 Circular Saw Review: Pros & Cons


• No need to buy new blade or replace parts every time you want to change the blade. You just have to purchase a new one if it breaks down. (You will still need to pay for replacement blades)

• The price is very reasonable compared with other brands of circular saws like Ryobi, Bosch, etc.

• The blade is made from high quality steel which makes it durable and strong. It’s also very sharp.

• You don’t need to worry about rusting because it doesn’t get wet easily.


• The blade may not last forever due to its durability. If you are using the saw regularly, then you might consider replacing the blade sooner rather than later.

• The saw is heavy and bulky. It takes up a lot of space in your home.

• You need to keep an eye on the blade constantly while working around it since it’s easy to lose track of where you put the blade when cutting something.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers feel that Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2-inch Circular saw is the best in its class. Several buyers love the product so much that they would buy it again if they had to. A lot of buyers also said that it is very safe to use and cuts through material like butter. Some also appreciate the light weight of the saw for more precise and delicate cuts.

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Why You Should Buy It

The saw is a best seller for a reason. It has a lot of features that other saws just don’t have. There are many things that make this product great like the accuracy, reliability, and power. The high tech design and excellent build quality are also very practical and useful.

If you want to do some serious cutting around your home or workspace, then you probably don’t want anything less than the best. If you want a reliable saw that works and lasts, then this is definitely the one for you.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you have the money to spend on this tool, then yes, it is definitely worth the money. It is made from high quality material as well as designed and built to last. You can use it for many projects to come. It shouldn’t cost more than $200 which is a fair price for this tool. In fact, you should be able to buy an inferior saw for the same price.

How It Compares With Other Tools

When you compare it with other circular saws in the market, you will find that this one is really different and better than the rest. There are just some minor things that you might need to get used to, like the weight and size of it. But other than that, it’s a great buy.

Things That Make It Unique

One of the things that make this tool unique is the design and size. The handle is placed at the back, which might take some time getting used to. But there are other elements that make it easy to operate and maneuver around the work space. The weight of it makes it feel solid and durable.

This thing can definitely last a lifetime with proper care.

Bottom Line

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If you are looking for a powerful saw that can cut through anything, then this is it. It may be on the pricier side, but if you are a professional, then you will not regret your purchase. In fact, it will probably last you a lifetime.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6-1/2-inch Circular saw is an excellent choice for pros and serious do it yourselfers. You will not find a better saw than this in terms of quality, design, and performance. The price might be a bit high for some people, but it is well worth the investment.

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