Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT Review:

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 18 ga nailer is a very popular model among gunsmiths. They are manufactured by the same company that makes the Milwaukee Finish nailers. These nails have been used in many military applications such as vehicle armor and body armor for soldiers. Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department uses these nails for their SWAT team training exercises.

Milwaukee Police Department uses them for their tactical training exercises. Other police departments use them for hostage situations and other high risk scenarios. There are several reasons why they are so popular with law enforcement agencies. First of all, they are inexpensive compared to other brands of nails and second, they work well even when wet or dirty due to the fact that they are made from steel instead of aluminum which is prone to rusting under those conditions.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT Review:

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga nailer is a large nail that measures approximately 7 inches long. It weighs nearly 9 ounces and is about 3/4 inch thick. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga nailer comes with two sizes of heads; one for regular woodworking and another for metal working. If you’re looking to knock down plywood or sheathing on a jobsite, this is the right nailer for you.

There is also a larger version of this nailer called the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 20ga that is 8 inches long; it’s more appropriate for heavier materials like hardwood flooring and roof sheathing.

Head Style: Brad Nails- These nails measure 5/8 inches and are used for standard woodworking. They are also known as framing nails.

Flat Head- This head style is used on materials like rubber, metal, and composition materials along with some plastics. It’s primarily used for automotive and sheet metal applications. Another popular use for the flat head is in the upholstery industry.

Common Guns uses:

Nail guns in the 18ga to 20ga sizes are very common among general contractors and handymen. They are especially popular with roofers, carpenters, and cabinet makers. These nail guns can also be found in home workshops and sheds for minor repairs and projects.

Advantages: The longer length of these nails allow you to sink the nail nearly an 1/8 inch below the surface of the wood which gives a better hold than most other nail guns in this class. These nails are also very easy to remove compared to similarly sized Finish Nails used in the past. This is due to the flat head design.

Recommended Uses: The 18ga Brad Nailer is best used on general carpentry and construction jobs. This includes things like installing molding, baseboard, or window trim. It’s also good for builders working on roof sheathing, soffit and fascia, and other aspects of exterior work. They are even powerful enough for some framing jobs but are not as strong as the more expensive Crown Stapler.


The most common size of this gun is the 18ga Brad Nailer. The smaller 20ga is also available for lighter materials like roof sheathing or hardwood flooring. The 22ga model is more powerful than the smaller sizes and is intended for things like subflooring, soffit and fascia, and heavier molding. The 24ga is the most powerful brad nailer that Milwaukee makes.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT on

It is able to handle roofing applications and heavier trim work.

Accessories: Every nail gun from Milwaukee comes with a depth adjustment wheel for precision control, an oil reservoir that doubles as a jam clearance guide, and an onboard storage compartment for the nose piece. All of these add to the overall quality and value of this gun.

These nailers are also famous for their durability. They have all metal gears that will last much longer than the cheaper alternatives with plastic and nylon gears. The rubber O-rings provide a better seal against moisture and dust, increasing the lifetime of the tool. The only thing you’ll ever need to replace on these guns is the air hose.

There are three different style magazines: Straight, Curved, and Round. Each style is designed for a different application but all of them will accomplish the job. The curved magazine is made to control the depth of drive so you can sink the head of the nail below the surface of hardwoods and flooring materials. The straight magazine offers better access in tight spaces and the round mag is easier to refill.

Safety: This tool is safe to use because it has a special lockout feature to prevent accidental discharge. The magazine also has a red indicator that will show if there are any nails left in the chamber. You must clear out any unused nails before placing another clip in the gun. This is crucial because if you fire a partially used clip it can cause a jam.

Accessories:These nail guns do not require any maintenance but you will need to oil them every so often, similar to a chainsaw. You should also keep them clean and lightly lubricated. These tools use a large quantity of air per nail so you may need to invest in a better quality compressor.

These guns can be used with different types of nails, but they perform best with the following:

18 Gauge 3.5″ Brad Nails

The larger 18 gauge brad nails will give you the best performance and are capable of sinking into hardwoods and framing without cracking. These are also good for subflooring, soffit, and fascia applications. The smaller 20 gauge brad nails are not recommended for these purposes.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer 2746-21CT -

16 Gauge 4″ Subflooring Nails

The 16 gauge nails are the heaviest for this gun and they are great for subflooring, flooring underlayment, and floor decking. These will give you the most power in a shorter barrel. The smaller 18 gauge nails are also good in this capacity but you will experience more jams because of the shorter nail length. The 22 gauge nails are the lightest but they will most likely break or bend when driving into harder woods.

These guns can be found on sale for around $200, this is well worth the money you invest in it. The 22ga can be found for under $150 if you shop around and are patient enough to wait for a sale. If you only plan on using brad nails then these guns will have many years of faithful service. If you plan on using heavier nails then I would consider one of the heavy-duty guns.

These guns are available at most online retailers but don’t order from Amazon, it will cost $30 more than everywhere else. Order your gun from National Industrial Greta instead. They also have great service and are very knowledgeable about their products.

These guns are available in three different styles:

The PJ XT is the most basic of the three. It’s lightweight and easily maneuverable but it doesn’t have an automatic nail clip mechanism.

The LN57M has an automatic clip mechanism to speed up the reloading process. This gun is a little heavier than the PJ XT, but it’s still very manageable due to the design.

The LN66M is the top of the line finish nailer. It’s a little heavier than the other two but it can shoot up to a four inch nail and has a quick change mechanism for different types of fasteners.

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