Milwaukee M18 Blower Review

Milwaukee M18 Blower Review:

The Milwaukee M18 blower review is one of the most popular models from Milwaukee. It was designed for use in industrial applications where noise levels are not a concern, but still need to be controlled. The design uses two fans instead of one, which allows it to operate at lower speeds than other designs.

The blowers are powered by a small motor mounted under the hood. These motors have been known to fail over time, so they were replaced with smaller ones.

These blowers are very quiet when running at full speed, and produce high amounts of heat due to their design. They do not require any maintenance or cleaning once installed and can last up to 20 years before needing replacement.


Very Quiet – Noisy blowers such as those found in some lawnmowers tend to make a lot of noise when running at full speed. A quieter design like the Milwaukee M18 will allow you to work without disturbing anyone around you. You may even be able to sleep through the noise!

High Heat Output – Many people prefer a low-noise solution when working with hot objects, and these blowers provide just that. They are able to push air at high speeds while staying relatively cool, which allows for longer work times.

Long-Lasting – Once the fan is installed, there is no need to clean or maintain it. They can run for years without issues provided that you change the filters when needed.


No Variable Speeds – These blowers do not have any kind of speed control and can only be on or off. In some situations, it is best to have a blower that can be adjusted.

Expensive – The cost of these blowers is much higher than other types, and they are only useful in specific circumstances.

These blowers are best for various industrial worksites that need to keep noise to a minimum. Their quiet operation and great heat transfer make them perfect for melting asphalt or working with molten metals. They can also be used in some residential or commercial settings.

How Does A Blower Work?

These devices are commonly found in hand tools and power tools alike. They use one of three different designs to force air past the fan and out of the device. Each model uses a spinning process called “impellers” to make the air flow.

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Axial – These are the most common type of blower. They use a design similar to a fan and contain multiple blades that force air to flow in a single direction. The design is very similar to that of an airplane propeller.

These types of blowers can be mounted in multiple positions and work best with flat blades. They can’t push the air directly at a 90-degree angle like some other types, making them slightly less efficient.

Turbine – These types of blowers contain multiple curved blades that spin in a circular motion similar to a windmill. They are able to move the air in any direction, but are not very efficient at pushing large amounts of it. Still, they can be used in many different situations and some of them can even push air at a 90-degree angle.

Vane – These models are the least common of the three designs and are slightly more complicated to manufacture.

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