Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22 Review

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22 Review

The Milwaukeen County Sheriff’s Department recently purchased a new $1 million state of the art thermal imaging camera system from Milwaukee-based MILWAUKEE ARMY INSTALLED TECHNOLOGY LLC (MATURE) for use in their surveillance division. The camera is capable of capturing high resolution images at night and in low light conditions. The device was manufactured by the same company that manufactures MILWAUKEE POLICE OFFICER’S HELMET.

The M12 uses a two-lens design with a digital video image sensor and infrared illuminator array to create an image which is visible under normal lighting conditions but not visible in bright sunlight or during nighttime operations. The camera is equipped with a built-in computer and can operate without power for up to five years. The camera can be used with a “fast mode” that increases the frames per second for increased recording time, or a “high resolution mode” which increases image quality at the cost of recording time. The images are stored on an internal memory drive that holds up to 32 gigabytes of data. If this is not sufficient, users can save the images to any external media, or record over them with new images.

The camera is powered by a rechargeable internal battery which lasts up to eight hours. It is resistant to dust, rain, and snow, and can be mounted on a tripod or carried in the hand. The device is very easy to operate, capable of being used by anyone regardless of technical or computer background. The M12 can be used for surveillance, and can also assist officers in investigations by preserving evidence such as footprints or tire tracks for later analysis.

MATURE, a private company based in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s downtown financial district was initially established to produce law enforcement surveillance equipment. The company has since grown into a world leader in night vision and surveillance technology. Mature produces a wide range of high-quality surveillance and night vision equipment for domestic law enforcement and military use. The M12 is currently undergoing testing by the military, and is expected to be deployed to troops within the next year.

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The M12 can also be mounted onto any standard police vehicle, allowing officers to easily scan license plates or investigate accidents at night. This significantly improves an officer’s ability to serve and protect, making the city a safer place.

MATURE is a world leader in the development and production of professional night vision and thermal imaging equipment for military, police, and private use. The company was established in 2005 and is based in the heart of Milwaukee’s downtown financial district. It has a large capital base, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MTGP. Mature has made a market for itself by selling high quality equipment at reasonable prices. The company’s goal is to ensure that everyone can afford the protection that only night vision technology can provide.

The M12 is currently being used by law enforcement agencies and the military, and the company has expressed interest in increasing its military contracts. M12’s superior performance at a lower price point will allow the US military to equip every soldier with a night vision device, making them equal to their enemies who have had this advantage for years.

The M12 is in direct competition with the L-3 Wisecateur, a night vision device made by a similar company based out of Los Angeles, California. While the L-3 offers comparable performance, it is still too expensive for mass adoption and is less durable.

The marketing campaign should emphasize the M12’s affordability, efficiency, and durability. These factors will allow law enforcement agencies to affordably equip their officers with night vision devices, and make the M12 a smart buy for any police department.

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The campaign should highlight the M12’s performance in hot and cold conditions, in addition to its superior optics. The latter is of particular importance, since the L-3’s image quality is poor in comparison. The campaign should feature images and videos of the M12 in use by law enforcement officers.

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