Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20: What’s New?

The new Milwaukeen M12 radio and charger from Milwaukee is a major improvement over its predecessor. It has been upgraded with better features such as a larger display screen, wireless charging capabilities, improved audio quality, and other improvements.

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20 Features:

Wireless charging capability (wirelessly connects to compatible devices)

Built-in speaker system with Bluetooth® technology (Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy) for handsfree calling and music streaming; supports phone calls through your car speakers or headphones. Works with any Bluetooth enabled device including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital media players and set top boxes.

Audio monitoring for clear voice communication during calls.

Voice recognition software allows you to make and answer/end calls without having to press buttons. Voice commands are recognized even if the vehicle’s key fob is not in the “Start” or “Stop” positions. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for the radio, making it easier than ever to listen to the radio while driving.

Integrated Work Light (130 lumens with 15 hour run-time on a single charge) bright enough to be used as a flashlight.

Rugged and waterproof for extreme weather conditions, so it can be used in your vehicle, boat, or any harsh environment. It is resistant to dust and splash water, but not submersible.

This product is intended for distribution in the USA only and may not be exported.

What’s Special About This Product?

The new M12 Radio and Charger from Milwaukee has several new features compared to its predecessor. This includes: integrated speakers, a large display, weather protection, and a wireless charging pad for compatible devices.

The large screen displays the volume level, battery life, signal quality, channel information, and other details clearly and in a large font. Plus, it is easy to see from across the room.

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20 |

The sound quality is especially impressive on this radio. It has great range and sounds crisp at high volumes. There is no static or distortion even when listening to the radio at max volume.

This version of the M12 Radio has a weather-resistant design. This is great for anyone who works or spends time outside, as it allows you to leave it in your vehicle and not worry about sudden weather changes affecting its performance. It can also be used in harsh, dusty, and/or wet conditions.

Even being run over by a car won’t damage it! The M12 Radio and Charger is even crush-proof up to 35 kg (77 lbs).

What Reviewers Say:

The vast majority of reviewers love this product. Most people agree that it is a vast improvement over the original M12 Radio and Charger. One person even remarked that it is one of the best gadgets he has ever bought.

It receives rave reviews for its sound quality, weather protection, large screen, and ability to be used as a flashlight when needed.

A handful of people did not like this device, however. Some say that the weather protection is pointless if you’re using it in a car. Others mention that the sound quality isn’t impressive and creates a lot of static.

The biggest complaint, however, is about the price. Most people think that this product is overpriced for what it does.


Integrated speaker allows you to use this device in your vehicle and still listen to the radio clearly.

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20 |

A bright, easy-to-read display shows you all the important information, like the current volume and signal strength.

The weather protection makes this device great for working outdoors and in harsh conditions.

Huge battery life means that you can listen to the radio or charge your phone for up to 20 hours on a single charge.


Some people don’t like the fact that this device has integrated speakers because it limits where you can place it.

Many people think that this product is overpriced for what it does.

The integrated flashlight can be bothersome to remove when you just want to listen to the radio.


The M12+ Radio and Charger from Milwaukee is a portable battery pack designed to power most of your favorite devices, like smart phones, tablets, laptops, and more. This upgraded version has a built-in flashlight and offers improved charging performance thanks to its higher capacity. It is also equipped with a brighter and more visible LED status indicator than the previous version.

What is this Product Used For?

This product is designed to charge laptops, phones, tablets, and other similar devices on-the-go when regular power is not available. It can also be used for outdoor jobsites, during power outages, or anywhere else you need a reliable source of power. It can even jumpstart a dead car battery!

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