Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool 2526-20

Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool 2526-20 Features:

•Fully automatic operation with safety feature;

•Highly precise design;

•Long life battery operated;

•Durable aluminum alloy body and handle;

•Two hand positions (one for each tool);

The following are some features of the Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool 2526-20:

1. Automatic Operation With Safety Feature:

A safety feature is provided in which if the user touches any part of the tool while it’s not in use, then it will stop working immediately without requiring any action from the user. This feature is designed to prevent accidental usage of this multi-tool when its owner isn’t paying attention.

2. Highly Precise Design:

The design of this multi-tool is very precise. Its precision is so high that even small parts of metal may not damage the device due to their size. For example, the tool head itself doesn’t have sharp edges and it won’t cut through your skin or cause injury if accidentally touched. The tip of the tool is made out of stainless steel, which makes it durable enough to withstand daily use.

3. Long Life Battery Operated:

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The tool uses a battery for operation, which lasts very long and doesn’t require replacement or charging for a long period of time. The battery is safe to use as it’s well protected from exterior forces and it won’t short circuit while using. The tool is also very light weight and easy to carry around with you in your toolbox or any other bag.

4. Durable Aluminum Alloy Body and Handle:

The device is made up of durable metal. The metal used to make the device is of good quality and will not get damaged even after long periods of extensive use. The handle has a rubber coating on it for a firm grip on the tool, which helps in preventing slippage or dropping of the multi-tool while in use.

5. Two hand positions (one for each tool):

The tool has two positions for the hands. If you are using the saw blade, then the position of your hand should be as far away from the oscillating part. The other position is if you are using the sanding pad, in which your hands should be near the oscillating part so that it can get some friction and the device can work efficiently.

6. Easy to change the blade for the saw and the sanding pad:

The blades for the saw and sanding pad can be changed very easily. You just need to loosen a few screws, slide out the old one and slide in the new one. This doesn’t require any special skills and even a beginner can do it without any hassles.

7. Versatile:

This tool can be used for cutting, sanding, scraping or sawing with great ease. One can cut wood, plastic or metal with this multi-tool. The blade for the saw can be replaced with a sanding pad and the sanding pad can be replaced with a blade for the saw. This converts the tool into a powerful sander or saw at your convenience. This gives you great value for the money you spend on this product.

8. Available at a Reasonable Price:

This tool doesn’t cost too much and is easily affordable. You can buy it without having to worry about spending too much of your hard earned money. The features offered by this tool are also not available in any other tool within this price range. You get a great deal on this product.

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Regardless of how good a product is, it will have some shortcomings. This tool doesn’t have too many cons, however the few that stand out are as follows:

1. Small Handle Grips:

The handle grips for this tool are small in size making them uncomfortable for people with big hands to hold them. The handle grips also get too hot after excessive use of the tool. You will need to wear gloves while using it for longer periods of time to prevent the burning sensation you get on your hands.

2. Not Good for Professional Use:

This tool is not meant for heavy duty professional work. It is only good for home use or light carpentry work on a part-time basis. If you are looking for a tool for your job or business, then this is not the right choice for you.

3. Not Good for Quick Work:

This tool does not work quickly. It takes time to oscillate at the right speed and cut through harder materials. It is best suited for smaller projects that do not require hard work.

4. The Blades Need to be Changed Often:

The blades get dull or damaged very easily. You will need to change the blades after every few uses and this can get pretty expensive.

5. Too Loud:

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The tool is very loud and operates at a very high pitched frequency. This may be problematic for people who have sensitive hearing or work in quiet environments. You will not be able to use this tool without causing complaints from your neighbors or fellow employees.

6. It Gets too Hot:

The tool gets too hot after excessive use and can burn you if you do not wear any protective gear while working with it. This can cause problems especially for professional workers who need to use the tool for long durations at a time.

Safety Tips:

Always keep the blades for your multi-tool sharp to prevent it from vibrating excessively and causing injury to yourself or others. Always wear protective gear such as gloves, safety goggles and earplugs while operating it. Do not overwork the tool as this may burn out the motor and cause it to malfunction.


Never try to take the blade assembly out of the tool while it is running. This may cause damage to the tool or cause it to malfunction. Only perform replacement or maintenance on a multi-tool when it has been switched off and unplugged. Also ensure that it is placed on a stable surface during the procedure.

How to Use (Step by Step Instructions):

The different uses for a multi-tool are listed below along with step by step instructions on how to use each feature.

1. Saws:

These can be used for light carpentry work or as an emergency tool for outdoor situations. To use the saw, plug in your multi-tool and turn it on. Wait until the tool attains maximum revolutions per minute and use it to cut through wood. It is best to place the saw on a firm base before using it so that it can cut through the material better.

2. Screwdrivers and Drill:

These can be used for light carpentry work or as an emergency tool for outdoor situations. To use the screwdriver, plug in your multi-tool and turn it on. Wait until the tool attains maximum revolutions per minute and use it to screw in light-weight objects such as picture frames or candle holders. To use the drill, follow the same process as above but instead of using it as a screwdriver, place a medium sized object such as a metal rod into the chuck of the drill and turn it rapidly to bore holes or put holes into material.

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3. Blades:

These are probably the most useful part of a multi-tool as they can be used for almost every other feature. Blades can be used to cut wires, slice fruit and food or open boxes and cartons. To use the blade, simply place it against the object you wish to cut and push down on it with some force. Make sure that you are wearing gloves and some protective gear to prevent accidents.

4. Pliers:

These can be used to grab firm objects or turn screws and bolts. To use the pliers, simply place them over the object or bolt that you want to turn or grab and turn your wrist in order to do so. Always make sure that your pliers are sharp to prevent snapping while trying to turn a bolt.

5. Wire Cutters:

These can be used to cut through medium sized wires or cables. To use the wire cutters, simply place them over the wire you wish to cut and turn your wrist in order to do so. Always make sure that your wire cutters are sharp to prevent the wire from snapping back and cutting your hands.

6. File:

This is used to smooth down rough edges of material or wood. To use the file, simply place it against the material you wish to file and move it back and forth.

Tips & Tricks:

Never use a multi-tool for purposes other than what it was designed for. Using it for something that requires more power can cause damage to the tool or cause it to malfunction.

If you are using your multi-tool outside the house, ensure that the environment is safe before doing any work. This means checking for loose or rotten boards which you are about to drill, making sure that there are no electric wires about to be cut and looking out for other potential hazards.

Wear protective gear such as gloves, safety glasses and some form of ear protection when using power tools.

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When drilling indoors, ensure that you are doing so properly. This means fixing a piece of wood to the wall to act as a backing for the drill holes. If you do not do this, the wall may crack or fall apart, causing damage and injury.

When using power tools, plug them into a surge protector before connecting them to the power grid. This will reduce the likelihood of an electrical fire breaking out which could destroy your property and cause injury or death.

Obtain permission from the property owner before using power tools if you are not at your own home.

Ensure that all tools are unplugged and switched off before adjusting their position or handing them to someone else.

Warn people in the area that you are about to work on a project using a power tool by shouting out “Power Tool!” Do this every time you switch it on and off during your work.

Make sure that you have cleared the area around you of any people before using a power tool.

Wait for half a minute after using a power tool before removing any object that you have been drilling or cutting in order to let the dust settle and prevent accidentally inhaling any of it.

Do not operate power tools while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Do not over-tighten screws as this can cause them to break. Only tighten them until they feel secure.

When drilling, make sure that you place a scrap piece of wood on either side of what you are drilling into in order to prevent the bit from slipping out of place and causing an accident.

Use protection for your ears such as earplugs or earmuffs when using power tools such as a drill which operate at a high decibel level.

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Do not remove any safety features from your power tool unless you fully understand how it works without the feature and can confirm that it will not malfunction without it.

Do not use power tools to operate on another person or an animal unless it is an emergency and you have been trained to do so.

Make sure that you store your tools in a dry location where they are unlikely to get damaged.

Never leave a power tool running unattended.

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