Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1.6-gallon Wet-Dry Vac

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Best Wet Dry Vacs:

Please find below our reviews for best wet dry vacs of 2017. All these reviews are written after a lot of research and analysis. We have written these reviews based on our experience and feedback from users as well.

1. Shop-Vac 598600 Ultra Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac is the leading brand in the market and it’s no surprise that they made it to our list of best shop vacs. Ultra Pro Wet Dry Vac is a powerful and durable shop vacuum. It is very easy to use and maintain.

The only maintenance required from your end is to clean the filter after every use and you are good to go. It has a 5.5 peak HP motor that provides enough power to suck up water and debris. This model comes with an inbuilt drain system which uses a built-in pump to remove water collected by the vacuum. The filter of the vacuum is very easy to clean, you just need to tap it against the ground and it’s ready. It also consists of a roll cage that keeps the debris from damaging the internal parts of the vacuum. Shop-Vac 598600 is powered by a 110V power cord which gives it a long reach. The only thing we didn’t like is its weight, it might be a bit uncomfortable for some people due to its weight. Shop-Vac 598600 is available on Amazon.

2. Craftsman 22535 Wet/Dry Vacuum

Craftsman is a very popular brand when it comes to tool kits and equipment. Their products have always been top-notch and Craftsman 22535 is no exception to that. This product is powered by a powerful V4 motor which provides enough power to suck up water and debris in a quick manner.

The filter of this model is very easy to clean, you just need to rinse it under a running tap water and you are set to go. This model comes with an in-built drain mechanism which helps in the removal of collected water from the machine. Craftsman 22535 is equipped with a comfortable grip handle that allows you to easily transport the vacuum from one place to another. Craftsman 22535 is also available on Amazon.

3. Shop-Vac 59830 Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 59830 is another high quality product by the brand Shop-Vac. This model comes with a lot of great features and we will be discussing those in this review. First of all, it comes with a lot of accessories that help in different types of cleaning.

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