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Milwaukee Impact Resistant Gloves (MIRG) are a high quality, high performance, latex-free protective glove designed specifically for industrial and construction applications. They have been used in the automotive industry since 1995 and are now being used in other industries such as oil & gas extraction, mining, quarrying, agriculture and forestry. MIRG is available in two models: the MIRG-100 and the MIRG-200. The MIRG-100 has a cut level of 1 while the MIRG-200 has a cut level of 2. Both models feature rubberized palms with a soft touch surface and an anti slip coating. These gloves are made from 100% polyester fabric which provides protection against abrasion, dust, chemicals and water.

The MIRG-100 has a length of 8 inches and a width of 3.5 inches. The MIRG-200 has a length of 9 inches and a width of 4.25 inches.

The gloves weigh between 7.8 to 8.3 oz for the MIRG-100 and 9.3 to 9.5 oz for the MIRG-200. They last roughly for a maximum of 2,000 cycles (or 5,000 hours) when used daily for two hours.

These gloves can be used in both wet and dry applications however they are not designed for protection against electric shock or live wires. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, users should avoid using oil-based adhesives when handling the gloves as this can cause a reduction in grip

The MIRG-100 is designed with a 15N level of resistance against abrasion while the MIRG-200 has a 20N level of resistance against abrasion. This means it can withstand up to 20 Newtons of force when a standard weight of 1 Newton is placed on the palm ball. The high density weave of the fabric and a special coating that provides protection against penetration and tears while still allowing for flexibility. This offers better protection than nitrile gloves which have a 5N abrasion rating.

The MIRG-100 has a natural latex coating on the palm and fingers which gives the rubberized surface. The coating makes the gloves more durable and resistant to oils, heat, and solvents. The natural latex coating also provides a high degree of grip. The MIRG-200 has a coating made of synthetic materials which reduces the rate at which the fabric absorbs water and oil based liquids.

The MIRG-100 has a roll finger design with a traditional cuff. The MIRG-200 has a straight cuff design. Both models are ambidextrous and can be worn on either hand. They are also available in sizes ranging from Small to 3X – 5XL for the MIRG-100 and Small to 4XL for the MIRG-200.

These gloves are available in white and beige colors. They manufacturer also sells a MIRG-100K Kids model in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

The MIRG-100 can be used for applications such as: assembling automobiles, building maintenance, carpentry, cleaning, farming, furniture moving, gardening, light assembly work, manufacturing, mechanical and electrical work, painting, plumbing, roofing and sheet metal work.

The MIRG-200 can be used for applications such as: assembly of heavy machinery and equipment, automotive repair, building maintenance, carpentry, painting and plumbing.

The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are ideal in applications where you need to have a little more dexterity as compared to the thicker nitrile gloves. They are made to be a more affordable version of the latex gloves.

The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 do not contain natural rubber latex and are suitable for users who are allergic to this substance. The gloves are not powdered and are not made with natural rubber. However, the gloves do contain synthetic latex.



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The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are great in applications where a little more dexterity is required combined with the protection of rubber gloves. The natural latex content in these gloves makes them more suitable for people with a latex allergy. Both models are safe to use in wet or dry conditions and range of uses from building maintenance to painting.

The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are slightly less puncture resistant than other models but are still an improvement over standard nitrile gloves in this regard. These gloves are not suitable for people who have an allergy to synthetic latex as this substance is present.

As with all other nitrile or latex gloves, users should avoid using oil-based adhesives when handling the gloves to prevent the rubber from melting and destroying its protective qualities.

The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are not as durable when it comes to puncture resistance when compared to other rubber gloves. These gloves are not suitable for people who have an allergy to synthetic latex.


The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are widely available at many different stores. They can be found in hardware and home improvement stores, automotive parts stores, and in the cleaning supplies aisle of your local department store.


The price of the MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 varies depending on where you buy them. For a box of 100, expect to pay between $5 and $12 (USD). A box of 200 will cost between $7 and $14 (USD). These prices do not include taxes.


The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are backed by a limited guarantee. The manufacturers will replace any gloves that are found to be defective. Please note that if you have damaged the gloves through misuse or neglect, the guarantee is void.


The MIRG-100 and MIRG-200 are made from nitrile rubber. They provide some protection against cuts and abrasions but are not puncture proof. The gloves are not resistant to very high or low temperatures.

Nitrile is Rated: Best for People with Allergies

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Latex is a natural product that is derived from the rubber tree. Most people who are allergic to rubber are actually allergic to latex. If you don’t know if you have an allergy to latex, you should try the gloves on before purchasing them. If you develop a rash, redness or any other allergic reaction when you wear the gloves, do not use them.


The MIRG-125 and MIRG-150 are widely available.

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