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The Milwaukeean city of Milwaukee has been known for its beer since 1848. In fact, it was one of the first cities in America to have a brewery.

Today, there are over 30 breweries located within the city limits. These breweries produce over 1 million barrels per year! With so many breweries, the city’s population has grown significantly.

Milwaukee is also known for its music scene. Many musicians from all over the world come here to perform their music.

The city is home to several venues where bands play live shows. One such venue is the Fox Theater which holds up to 2,000 people at a time!

Milwaukee’s most famous resident is none other than Bill Clinton (Bill Murray). He once lived in the city before moving to Arkansas.

His wife Hillary is also from Milwaukee. She currently works as a state senator.

Milwaukee has also produced some of the greatest rock stars of all time including: Neil Young, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Kiss, and many others!

There are several bars and restaurants in the city that serve great food. There are also plenty of places to go out if you want to party or just relax with friends.

The city is also home to several museums and art galleries. There is something for everyone!

If you need to relax, there are several green spaces in the city including the beautiful Lake Park. This lake is great for swimming or just having a picnic with friends.

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The park is also home to Sunken Island which used to be an island. A bridge now connects it to the mainland since roads have been built on top of it.

Also located in the park is the Milwaukee Public Museum, which has been open since 1882. This museum features exhibits on natural history, science, and anthropology.

There are also temporary exhibits that change out several times a year.

The city has several major attractions including:

The Milwaukee Art Museum, which opened in 1885. It was the first art museum in the United States that featured only American artworks.

Today it holds over 30,000 pieces of art.

Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. This stadium opened in 2001 and is located near the heart of downtown.

The Milwaukee RiverWalk, a pedestrian walkway along the Milwaukee River. It has several bars and restaurants that are connected by the walkway.

There are also public art displays located along the way.

During Halloween, all of downtown turns into a ghost town. The streets are blocked off to traffic and a ton of carnival games and rides pop up everywhere.

There are also several bars and haunted houses located in the area. It’s a ton of fun for adults and children alike!

If you are looking for something less crowded, there is Washington Island. This scenic island is about an hour north of the city and is only accessible by ferry.

It holds a small year-round population but swells during the summer months. There are plenty of things to do here like: hiking, biking, fishing, and bird watching. There is only one main road that goes through the entire island.

The city has done a great job of preserving its history while still building for the future. If you’re looking for a change of scenery or just a brand new start, Milwaukee could be the place for you!

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Also, if you decide to come here, let me know! I could use some more friends.


Brett “Skillet” McKenzie

Ps. I have included some photos of the city and my tattoos.

Please send me pictures of you and your tattoos as well!

You send the email, and then go to take a nap. You have to be up early in the morning for work.

When you get up, you think about how much fun it would be to move. It would be like starting over, but maybe that’s what you need.

You don’t know anything about Bill Clinton or the other people mentioned in the email. Maybe you will before you make your decision.

You do know that you’re sick of the cold and the snow. It has been too much, even for you.

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You think back to when you first moved up here, you loved the snow.


Not so much.

You talk to Marissa about it the next time you see her and she gets excited about the possibility of moving. She says she has always been afraid to say anything because she didn’t want to upset your life too much.

You make plans to look into it further.

Things are looking up! It looks like you might finally get out of this frozen tundra!

Or maybe you won’t…

The Past

You and Marissa have been dating for a few months now and things are going great. You still aren’t completely sold on the idea of marriage, but that seems to be the next “logical” step in your relationship.

You are visiting her at her parent’s house for Christmas. Her mom has been working hard all day in the kitchen and the entire house smells delicious.

Your mouth is watering as soon as you enter the front door.

“Hello! Welcome!

Good to see you!” her mother says as she gives you a big hug. You have always gotten along with Marissa’s parents. They are some of the only people you can stand being around for extended periods of time.

Her father is sitting in the living room watching football and drinking a beer. “Hi y’all.

How are things?”

he says without looking away from the TV.

Good dad, how are you?”

“He’s fine, dear. Go help your mother,” he says not taking his eyes off the TV. You walk into the kitchen and see that Marissa is already helping her mother.

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Can I help?”

you ask.

Marissa’s mom turns around and smiles. “Of course, dear.

Can you peel these potatoes?

The pot’s right there.”

You grab the pot and fill it with water before peeling the potatoes and putting them in the water. “

So, what can I do next?

It smells done already.”

“Oh, that should be done soon. We’re having baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered rolls, and green bean casserole.”

“That sounds delicious!

Hey, can I ask you both something?”

Marissa’s mom smiles at you. “Of course.”

Marissa, will you marry me?

Her mom gasps and looks like she might cry. “I thought you two would end up together!”

Marissa smiles and hugs you. “Of course I will!”

After the engagement, you all sit down to a nice dinner. The food is delicious and you have the chance to talk to Marissa’s father for the first time in a while.

He’s always been hard of hearing, but he seems to be getting worse.

You spend the next couple of days driving around to see your family and Marissa’s. Everyone is excited to hear the news.

You are too, but you still have some concerns…


You’re leaving for where?”

Marissa asks.

“Cleveland. I have an opportunity to be the head writer for a new TV show.”

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“But you’re getting married in two months! Our life is here in Milwaukee!”

“I know, but this is a great opportunity! I could write for TV and you could continue to teach.

We’ll still live in the city and our families are here. It’s not like I’m taking a dangerous job in Alaska!”

“I…just…I’m worried about you traveling back and forth across the country.

What if you get on the wrong plane and disappear?”

She asks with a terrified expression.

“I’m not going to get on the wrong plane and disappear! Planes rarely go missing.”

“You don’t know that!”

“Of course I do!

Look, why don’t you come with me?

It could be fun. We could go look at houses while we’re there.”

“I can’t believe you’re asking me to pick up and leave everything and everyone I know to move to a city I’ve never even visited.”

“Cleveland isn’t that far and I’m sure you’ll like it there. You can spend time with my parents while I’m at work, and I’ll even get you your own office here in the building so you won’t be lonely when I’m away.

Please, just come with me.”

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Marissa says nothing for a moment. Then she sighs.

“I suppose it could be fun to see the new house and meet your parents. I’ll drive there with you.”

“Great! It’ll be fun, I promise!

Hey, how about this?

As a wedding gift to me, you get to throw all the stuff you don’t want anymore and we’ll have a garage sale and use the money to buy new things for the house!”

“That sounds like a lovely idea, dear. You always know what I like.”

You kiss her cheek and grin. “That’s why you’re marrying me!”

After spending another week with your family, you set off to Ohio with Marissa. You’ve never been to the state before, so you’re looking forward to seeing it.

When you see the sign that says “Cleveland Next Exit”, Marissa grasps your hand tightly.

“Cleveland has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Don’t talk to strangers, and definitely do not get out of the car if anyone tries to stop you.”

“I’m pretty sure they have that in New York too, Marissa.”

“Yeah, but there are also more people. Higher population density = More likely someone will help you if you get robbed or something.”

You sigh and shake your head. “I’m not going to get robbed.”

“We’ll see. Let’s get out of here as quickly as we can.”

You arrive at your parent’s house, which you haven’t seen in a year. You’re immediately greeted by your sister and her family.

Milwaukee Hooded Jacket 252B |

You’ve never been close to them, but it’s still nice seeing them again.

That night, you have “The Talk”.

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