Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool Preview

Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool Preview

The Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool Preview (MFPTP) is a new type of refrigeration press which makes it possible to make your own beer or wine without using any commercial equipment. You just need some basic tools and materials, and you are ready to go! MFPTP uses the same principle as a regular refrigerator: A fan blows air through coils of wire which cools liquid inside them.

However, instead of using ice cubes, you use the liquid in your beverage.

In order to create a drink with MFPTP, you simply have to place the bottle upside down into one of two compartments on top of the press. Then you turn the handle clockwise until a small hole appears at the bottom of the bottle. Now you pour out whatever liquid is inside and put it back into its original position.

The bottles will keep their contents frozen for up to three months before they start leaking.

You can use the press to make beer, wine, juice, soda pop, soft drinks and other beverages. You can even freeze fruit juices and store them in the fridge until you want to enjoy them later!

The MFPTP is very easy to operate because there are no moving parts. It is very light and easy to store. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

The MFPTP is designed to be used with standard size wine bottles (600ml), however, it can be used with smaller and larger bottles as well.

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