Milwaukee Force Logic 15T Crimper 2879

Milwaukee Force Logic 15T Crimper 2879

The Milwaukee Force Logic (MFL) is a brand name manufactured by Milwaukee Tool Corporation. They are made from high strength steel with a black oxide finish. The MFL series was introduced in 1988 and marketed until 2001 when they were replaced by the Milwaukee Series II series. These new models have similar features but are not interchangeable with each other or older versions of the MFL series.

Milwaukee Force Logic 15T Crimper 2879 is a heavy duty industrial crimping tool for use in manufacturing applications. The tool has a 14 gauge steel body with a 1/2″ diameter hardened steel liner and an internal 3/8″ OD hardened steel sleeve. The tool’s overall length is 7.3″ with the anvil retracted and 15.3″ with the anvil fully extended.

This tool is made in the USA.

The MFL-2879-20 is an electrician’s heavy duty crimping tool that has a maximum capacity of 15 tons, dies sold separately.


Crimp 16-26awg solid and 12-20awg Stranded Wire

13/16″ maximum cavity opening for solid wire

3/4″ maximum opening for stranded wire

Milwaukee Force Logic 15T Crimper 2879 -

Cavity Material Hardened Steel

Anvil Material Hardened Steel

For Use With (Dies Sold Separately) 16-26 AWG Solid and 12-20 AWG Stranded Wire


Ideal for all electrical applications using solid wire 16-26 AWG and stranded wire 12-20 AWG. Dies sold separately.


Length: 7.3″ long with anvil retracted; 15.3″ long with anvil extended

Diameter: 1.41″ long with anvil retracted; 1.

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