Milwaukee Dust Extractor Review

Milwaukee Dust Extractor Review: What Is It?

The Milwaukee Dust Extractor (MDE) is a self-contained vacuum machine designed to remove dust from your home or business. The MDE is made up of two parts; the vacuum pump and the dust collection bag. The pump operates at high pressure to suck in dirt, debris, and other particles out of the air into its internal storage area. A filter separates the dust particles from the liquid waste produced by the pump. Once filtered, the liquid waste is then pumped back through the pump to be discharged into a tank where it is collected again.

The MDE includes a timer which allows you to schedule when it needs to clean your house or business. You can set it so that it cleans your house every day, once per week, twice per month or monthly or never at all. The MDE comes with a cleaning cloth, a dust mask, and instructions on how to use it.

How Does It Work?

Dust is one of the most common contaminants found in our homes and businesses. Most people don’t even realize they are breathing in small pieces of dust. When you have large amounts of dust inside your home or business, it becomes difficult to breathe properly due to the amount of fine particles present. It also makes it harder for you to get clean when cleaning your home or business because you can only do so much before the dust begins to build up again.

The MDE uses a powerful pump to suck in air from the surrounding area. The pump then filters the air, separating the dust particles from the air and discarding them into a collection tank using only the power of air pressure and no chemical additives.

The MDE also has a timer which can be set to turn on and off at certain times. This is very convenient when you want to run the MDE while you aren’t home. If you are only going to be gone a few hours, you can set it so that it only runs for a few hours so that you aren’t wasting power.

The MDE is also lighter and quieter than most other vacuums. This makes it easier to use in smaller spaces like closets without having to worry about a bulky machine. You can also set it up in your basement to suck up the dust bunnies that seem to gather there every week.

The MDE also comes equipped with a dust mask so that you don’t breathe in the dust as it sucks it up.

The MDE can suck up large and small particles of dust, dirt, and debris. It can even suck up liquid when you need it to. The MDE is perfect for cleaning up after your pet or when changing your car’s oil.

What Can It Do?

The MDE can do more than just clean up after your pets.

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