Milwaukee Adjustable Wrench Review

Milwaukee Adjustable Wrench Review: 4-Piece Set

The Milwaukee Adjustable Wrench Review is a brand name of Milwaukee Tool Company. They are one of the largest manufacturers of tools in the world. Their products have been used by millions of people around the globe since they were first introduced in 1885.

The company was founded by Charles Feltner and William Hagerty, both experienced machinists from Germany. The two men had met while working at a sawmill owned by their father’s family business.

In 1888, Feltner moved to Milwaukee where he worked with his brother William and other brothers at the mill. After several years of hard work, the three brothers formed their own business together called “Feltner & Co.” In 1889, Feltner left Milwaukee to establish his own tool manufacturing plant in Chicago.

His son Fred joined him soon after leaving the city. The new factory produced various types of machine tools such as drills, punches, lathes and others. By 1899, the firm employed over 100 workers.

By 1902, the company was producing some of its most popular products including adjustable wrenches and pliers. However, it wasn’t until 1904 when Frederick Feltner began expanding into the home improvement market that things really took off for Milwaukee Tool Company. At the time, the market for power tools such as electric drills and saws was still in its infancy.

But once he developed the right kind of tools for the job, Fred Feltner had hit a gold mine.

Today, the company is owned by Deutsche Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik AG or DWM for short. The Milwaukee brand name is owned by TTI which was acquired by Techtronic Industries in 2010. Techtronic is a Hong Kong based company that also owns the DeWalt brand.

The tool we are going to be discussing is their 4-Piece Complete Adjustable Wrench Set, Model Number 5328-20. These wrenches are designed with an easy to grip “Soft Grip” which makes them perfect for working in tight places. They have a chrome vanadium steel construction for added strength and long life.

In this set you’ll get sizes ranging from 7/16 inch to 1 and they all have the standard 15-degree offset head. The smaller sizes use a 28 tooth ratchet mechanism while the larger wrenches use a 32 tooth mechanism. These are some of the most popular sizes for working on household plumbing and basic automotive jobs so they’ll cover basically any task around the house or on your car.

When using any kind of adjustable wrench it’s important to make sure that the jaws are clean and rust free as this will allow you to get a better grip on whatever it is your trying to remove or tighten. Another thing to remember is to keep your fingers out of the way when you’re turning a bolt or nut because if the wrench slips you don’t want your fingers in the way of the jaws.

The model 5328-20 from Milwaukee comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If you are ever dissatisfied with any Milwaukee hand tool you can return it to the company within 2 years of purchase for a replacement. After that, you will need to take your complaint up with the place of purchase if the tool needs to be repaired or replaced.

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When making your selection in adjustable wrenches you’ll want to choose a set that has the specific sizes you’ll need the most. If your main interest is automotive work then getting a set with half inch and three quarter inch end is likely to meet your needs. If your focus is more on household projects then getting a set with seven eights and one inch ends will give you better coverage.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the sets with even numbers usually come in the smaller end sizes while the sets with odd numbers have the larger end sizes.

The biggest advantage that adjustable wrenches have over crescent type wrenches is that the jaws can be adjusted while they are on the nut or bolt head. This allows you to make the wrench smaller or larger to fit the particular job at hand. If the nut or bolt head should slip while you are working on it then the jaws of the crescent type wrench would move off of the nut or bolt and possibly cause injury if you should fall on them or the nut or bolt itself should fall off and hit you.

The adjustable wrench will still “bite” into the nut or bolt head so that you can get a good grip on it again.

The most common disadvantages of an adjustable wrench is that they are not as strong as a crescent type wrench. This becomes a problem when trying to remove or tighten very large nuts and bolts because no matter what size wrench you have it just doesn’t provide enough gripping power by itself, especially if the nut or bolt head is rounded. Also you need to make sure that you get a tight grip on the nut or bolt before applying side pressure with the wrench or you run the risk of the jaws slipping off and causing an injury if the nut or bolt should happen to fall.

It would probably take an entire article just to list all of the different wrench types and designs that are available but here are some of the more common types along with their advantages and disadvantages.

In my opinion the adjustable wrench is one of the most useful tools you can have in your tool box. It’s not uncommon for mechanics, carpenters and other trades people to carry a set of adjustable wrenches with them most of the time because they find themselves using them all the time. Unless you somehow end up in a career field where an adjustable wrench will only get in the way the chances are pretty good that you’ll be using one on a regular basis also.

By Steve J. and David G.

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He wanted to branch out into other areas but he wasn’t sure just exactly what direction he should go in.

One day in 1833 while he was pondering this dilemma he took a short trip into town to pick up a few supplies at the local store. While there he ran into one of his employees by the name of Henry Nickerson and they started to talk. They got to discussing the good old days when they were both involved in the manufacturing of textiles, a topic near and dear to Mr.

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Mr. Nickerson had seen some photographs produced in this manner and thought they were the most magnificent things he had ever seen. The photographs not only captured a three-dimensional image but they also seemed to have a mysterious something that made them look extremely realistic, almost as if they were alive!

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Mr. Loud was quite skeptical about all this but he was a open-minded man and wanted to learn more. He invited Mr.

Nickerson over to his home that evening so that he could see some of these photographs for himself. When he saw them he was amazed! He thought they were beautiful! He saw many possible uses for something like this including improving his business. That night he decided that he would most definitely need to incorporate photography into his future plans.

The next day he called Mr. Nickerson in to speak with him and after some discussion it was agreed that Mr. Nickerson would go to England to learn all that he could about this new process.

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Now Mr. Nickerson had a brother, Isaiah, who was also working for the company at that time. Isaiah was a practical joker of sorts and he knew this fact because he had been guilty of telling his brother John in confidence about some of his shenanigans in the past.

Somehow though, Isaiah found out that John had gone to Mr. Loud and blabbed everything! He had even gone so far as to try to talk John out of it. Isaiah, got John in trouble with Mr. Loud and as a result, Mr. Loud fired Isaiah from the company and forbade him to ever step foot on the property again! Even Isaiah didn’t see that one coming!

Mr. Nickerson prepared for his trip and took a steamship across the Atlantic to England where he visited many potential suppliers and manufacturers of photographic equipment and supplies. He eventually settled on a firm by the name of Collin’s based in Birmingham.

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About a year later Mr. Nickerson returned to the States and set up his own plant to manufacture some of the necessary supplies. Unfortunately, it didn’t do too well and soon closed down completely.

This was quite unfortunate since it meant that Mr. Loud’s company would not be able to use this new process at all!

Mr. Loud was quite upset about this but decided that maybe he could purchase the formulas from Mr. Nickerson and have the supplies made by another firm.

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He visited Mr. Nickerson and they came to an agreement on a price. Mr. Loud wrote him a check and they parted company.

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