Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper

Milwaukee Tools is one of the most popular brand name in firearms accessories. They are well known for their quality products and customer service. Milwaukee Tools is a family owned company founded in 1883. Their main business is manufacturing gun parts and firearm components such as trigger groups, stocks, sights, etc., but they also make other types of gun related items including pistol safes, lock boxes, tool cases, etc..

Milwaukee Tools is located in New Britain, Connecticut. Mil-W-Lock is a division of Milwaukee Tools which was established in 1912.

Mil-W-Lok is a subsidiary of Milwaukee Tools, Incorporated. Both companies are based out of Stamford, CT. They both manufacture various types of gun parts and firearm components like trigger groups, stocks, sights, etc., but they also make other types of gun related items including pistol safes, lock boxes, tool cases, etc..

Milwaukee Tool Company (MTC) was originally incorporated in 1899 under the laws of Michigan. MTC changed its name to Milwaukee Tool & Die Co.

in 1902 when it acquired a small manufacturer called Eberhardt Tool Works. In 1917 MTC merged with another company called Rheem Manufacturing Corp. to form Rheem-Tool and Die Co., Inc. In the late 1920’s Rheem-Tool acquired a small company called One Way Firearms, which was primarily in the business of manufacturing and assembling locks, tools, and hardware for gun cabinets. In the 1960’s Rheem-Tool acquired a small metals fabricating company called Sun Metals Corp. In 1970 Rheem-Tool changed its name to Rheem Manufacturing Corporation. The company name was again changed to Rheem Manufacturing Company in 1975. In the late 70’s a holding company called Salzberg Holding Company acquired all of Rheem Manufacturing. Today, Rheem Manufacturing is owned by a company called Apex Tool Group, which is also the parent company of Browning, Black & Decker, Bench Craft, Coffin-Hayes, Niagara Lock and Safe, and many other tool manufacturing companies.

In 1992 Apex Tool Group formed a new division called MFC Industrial Supply Co. Inc.

and in 1997 Apex Tool Group changed Rheem Manufacturing’s name to MFC Industrial Supply Co. Inc.

MFC is the parent company of many other tool and lock companies including: Mil-Tec Tools, Browning, Buck Bros., Yankee, Apex, Fatmax, First Klaw, Old Town, Chamberlin, Strike Master, and more.

In 1997 Rheem created a new firearms division called MFC Firearms. In 1998 the new firearms manufacturing company acquired the following companies: American Derringer Corp, Hopkins & Allen, Iver Johnson Arms, New England Firearms, and Skippack Township Gun Store.

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In 2000 MFC Firearms acquired the following companies: Charley’s Arms, Mustang Firearms, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, and Striker shotgun.

In 2004, the firearms division was acquired by the Freedom Group. The firearms division of the company was renamed Marlin Firearms Company in 2006 and moved from North Haven, to New Haven, Connecticut.

In 2010 Marlin Firearms was moved from New Haven to Mayfield, Kentucky.

In 2012, the firearms division was acquired by another company called Remington Outdoor Company (ROC).

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