Milwaukee 5317-21 1-9/16 SDS Max Rotary Hammer Preview

Milwaukee 5317-21 1-9/16 SDS Max Rotary Hammer Preview

The Milwaukee 5317-21 1-9/16 SDS Max Rotary Hammer is a professional grade sledgehammer with a maximum torque rating of 2,000 pounds. Its design allows it to perform better than other high performance tools. The sledgehammer features a heavy duty steel body with aluminum head and handle. It weighs approximately 7 lbs., which makes it easier to handle compared to some other sledgehammers.

Its maximum torque rating is 2,000 pounds. This means that when used at its maximum capacity, the sledgehammer will be able to lift up to 2,000 pounds without breaking. The sledgehammer’s weight comes from a combination of metal parts such as the head, body, and handle.

In addition to being strong enough to lift large objects, the sledgehammer is designed so that it can easily cut through wood or concrete blocks. When using this tool, you’ll need to make sure your hands are protected against potential cuts caused by sharp edges of the blade.

Parts of the Milwaukee sledgehammer are precision engineered to work well with one another. The handle is made of hardwood and features a comfortable grip to minimize the risk of hand fatigue. The head is made of steel and is attached to the handle using 3 shock dampeners, which prevent vibration from being transferred from the head to the handle.

This tool can be used for a variety of different projects including demolition work and breaking up rocks.

This sledgehammer is distributed exclusively by the Milwaukee Tool Corporation.

Where to Purchase or Find Out More About It

If you’re interested in buying this sledgehammer, you can find it and other high quality tools at any home improvement center such as Home Depot. You can also find it online through various tool distributors.

If you are interested in learning more about the product, you can find more information on the company’s website.


This sledgehammer has a maximum torque rating of 2,000 pounds. It is strong enough to break up large objects such as rocks and concrete. The sledgehammer’s handle is made of high quality hardwood and the head is made of durable steel. There are three shock dampeners on the bottom of the sledgehammer to prevent the head from vibrating excessively when it hits an object.

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