Milwaukee 2790-20 M18 Jobsite Radio Review

Milwaukee 2790-20 M18 Jobsite Radio Review


The following are some of the most common problems with Milwaukee job sites:

1) Lack of power or no power at all.

If there is no electricity, then how do they run their radios? How does one operate a radio without any battery power?

2) No working lights.

Most of these sites have no lighting either.

What kind of job site doesn’t have any light?

3) No running water or sewer lines.

These sites don’t even have a septic system! They just dump waste into the sewers!

(I guess it’s cheaper than building a proper septic tank!)

4) No running garbage disposal or trash cans.

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These sites don’t even have garbage disposals! They just throw trash out into the streets!

5) No running toilets.

These sites don’t even have flush toilets! They just dump waste down the toilet and hope that it drains away somehow.

6) No running hot water lines.

These sites don’t even have hot water pipes or showers! They just use cold water from the tap and hope that it works well enough to wash off their sweat and dirt.

7) Unsafe wiring.

These sites have exposed wires all over the walls and ceiling. This is an accident waiting to happen!

8) Cramped quarters.

These sites are very narrow and have no space. They try to cram in as many trailers as possible.

9) Noisy Machinery.

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These sites have machinery that run all the time and are very noisy. You can’t hear yourself think!

10) Dead animals. These sites have dead animals all over the place.

You can’t even walk or drive around the place without stepping into animal carcasses.

11) No security. There is no security on these sites.

You don’t need a security pass to get through the gate and the guards can’t be bothered to keep out vandals or thieves.

12) No medical facilities. There are no doctors or health facilities on the site at all.

If you need medical attention, you have to go to the public hospitals.

13) No supervision. Nobody seems to be in charge around here.

The owner is a distant figure who comes around once in a while on a surprise visit. There doesn’t seem to be any foremen or supervisors either.

14) No rules and regulations. There are no rules or regulations on this job site.

People can just do whatever they want and get away with it!

15) Weak unions. The workers union here is very weak.

The workers don’t have much bargaining power and seem to be at the mercy of the owners.

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16) No overtime pay. The workers here don’t get paid for their overtime.

They can work for days on end without rest and they don’t get paid a single extra penny for all that extra hard work!

17) Overworked and underpaid. The workers here are overworked and underpaid.

They work long, hard hours and don’t get enough money for all that overtime!

18) No benefits. The workers here have to pay for their own medical treatment and other benefits.

When they get hurt on the job, they can’t even collect workers compensation!

19) Exploitation. The owners here seem to be taking advantage of the workers in everyway they can.

They’ll find any excuse they can to not pay the workers for all the hard work they do!

20) Bad working conditions. The working conditions here are very bad.

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Nobody has thought about safety or comfort. Unpleasant and hazardous raw sewage is everywhere and the workers have to work in it!

You can’t wait to get out of this place!

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