Milwaukee 2456-21 M12 Cordless 1/4 in Ratchet Preview

Milwaukee 2456-21 M12 Cordless 1/4 in Ratchet Preview Review:

Milwaukee 2456-21 M12 Cordless 1/4 in Ratchet Preview Review:

The Milwaukee corded ratchets are a very popular choice among hobbyists and professionals alike. They have been around since the mid 1970’s and they still provide reliable performance at a reasonable price. While their reputation precedes them, there are some things to consider before buying one.


They’re affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get one. Most of these models sell for under $100. They come with a lifetime warranty if needed. They’re easy to use!

No special tools or training required! (Well, except maybe getting used to using them) Their power ratings are high enough that they’ll do the job even when it gets dark out. They’re durable and rugged. These things are made from heavy duty materials and designed to withstand years of hard use.


Their battery life isn’t great. Some models last only two hours before needing recharging. Others run for up to four hours but then require recharging again after that. This isn’t much of a problem when using them around the house, but they might not be practical for working outdoors all day long. Some models are heavier than comparable lithium ion or nickel cadmium powered tools.

This is usually only a concern with the higher voltage (higher torque) models.

Most models only come with a bare-minimum kit of accessories. This means that you’ll need to buy the heads and bits you want seperately. They aren’t really expensive, but it’s an additional cost that you may not have planned for.

These tools are designed to be rugged and durable. Unfortunately, this means that the bodies are usually pretty big and bulky. This can make performing fine detailed work a bit of a pain.

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Common Uses:

These tools are designed to be a “jack of all trades”. This means that they’re good for most types of work, but they aren’t the best for any one particular task. Most people use them for home repairs and automotive work. They can also be used for light construction work. Some hobbyists also like to use them for model building and other crafty projects.

If you’re a hobbyist who does a little bit of everything, then this is the tool for you!


Most of these tools come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if anything breaks or wears out you can return it to the manufacturer and they will replace it free of charge. Some models only come with a one-year warranty, but even those are usually covered by a free repair service in your area.

How Do I Take Care Of My Cordless Ratchet?

These tools are fairly rugged, but you still need to take care of them if you want them to last.

Make sure to store it in a dry place where it won’t get knocked over. Oils and grease will accumulate on the internal parts of the tool if it gets dirty. This can cause the motor to wear out early or even cause a fire. Always wipe off any dirt or grease before storing it.

Buy the appropriate replacement parts. Using generic parts not only voids the warranty but can also damage your tool.

You wouldn’t want a generic brand spark plug installed in your car’s engine would you?

Keep the tools clean. Most people don’t think about this, but grease and grime cause wear and tear on moving parts, and that will reduce the lifespan of your tool. This is important if you want your tool to last!

Don’t stick the tool in water. Water and electricity don’t mix no matter what anyone tells you.

Try not to use it as a hammer or pry bar. Although powerful, these tools were not designed to be used for destructive purposes!

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