Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview

Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview

The Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera is one of the most popular models among home inspectors. It is very easy to use and provides excellent results. However, it has some drawbacks which may cause problems for some users. These include:

It does not have any auto shutoff feature. You must turn off the power before leaving the house or when you leave the office. If you forget to do so, your camera will automatically start recording after a certain time period (usually 30 minutes).

You cannot view the recorded images while they are being taken because there is no way to pause them. To view them later, you need to manually stop and then resume taking pictures.

If you accidentally touch something while taking pictures, the image will be ruined. The best thing to do if you want to save the picture is to take a new one every few seconds.

When using the camera, you cannot see what happens during the test run unless you press a button on top of it. So if you don’t like how things turned out during testing, it might be better not to use it at all.

The camera cord is very short, which can be inconvenient at times. It is also a bit heavy compared to other cameras in its class.

Some users complained that the image was not bright enough or had a greenish hue. In some situations, it was impossible to view anything at all.

While this camera has its limitations, it is still one of the best models on the market. As a home inspector, it works just fine for me. You can see my full review of this product on my channel by searching for “inspection camera reviews.”

If you want to know more about the quality inspection cameras, you should read my top-rated guide “Inspection Cameras: What You Need to Know.” In this article I discuss all the important features you should look for in a camera and how to test them out. I also want you to know about the five best inspection cameras on the market. You can find the link in the resource box below.

Milwaukee 2316-21 inspection camera

This inspection camera is a bit lighter and smaller than the 2314-21 that I have been using for years. It still has its limitations, but it also has some great features that can improve your experience. For example:

You can pause the recording while testing without having to change the battery or memory card. This is a really handy feature that can save you a lot of time.

Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview from our website

The cord is longer, which allows you to go through areas that were previously inaccessible. I don’t think I will ever need a longer cord, but it is good to know that this camera has it.

It has an auto shutoff feature so you can stop worrying about turning it off. It saves battery power as well.

The battery is rechargeable and can be used up to four hours.

The price of this product is very affordable and It comes with one memory card and a bag to store it in when not in use.

This inspection camera has some useful features that my old camera doesn’t have, but it also has some drawbacks:

It is slightly heavier and bulkier than the 2314-21. The increased size can be a hassle for smaller hands.

The camera cord is also shorter than the one on the 2314-21. While it isn’t a deal breaker, it can be a bit inconvenient at times.

Sometimes the images are not as bright when compared to my older model. I’m not sure if this is due to the lighting or if the camera actually has a problem.

If you can look past these shortcomings, this inspection camera is a great buy. You can find more information about it by searching for “inspection camera reviews” on your favorite search engine.

Apeman inspection camera

Thanks to technological advancements, you no longer need to spend a lot of money to get a good inspection camera. This one is a great example. It has all the features that I look for in a camera at a reasonable price. It also has some perks that you don’t see in most products:

It is very small and lightweight. It will easily fit into your pocket.

There is no need to change the battery or memory card while conducting an inspection. The Apeman inspection camera has an internal memory, which can store up to 16GB of images.

The image and video quality are better than most other cameras in this price range.

Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview - Picture

It has wide angle lens that will help you capture more images in a single shot.

If you need your images right away, you can use the in-built printer to get a hard copy of your findings.

This is by far one of the best inspection cameras you can get on a budget. Most of its perks are available in more expensive models as well, which makes this camera very convenient. You can find more information about it by searching “inspection camera” on your favorite search engine.

I hope this guide was helpful and improved your knowledge of inspection cameras. Don’t forget to reference it any time you are in need of a camera.

Thank you and good luck!

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