Milwaukee 14-inch Steelhead Diamond Cut Off Blade Review

Milwaukee Steelhead Diamond Cut Off Blades are considered one of the most durable and toughest cut off blades available today. They have been used for decades in mining operations where they are commonly found at depths of over 100 feet. These tough cut offs are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures, salt water exposure, vibration, extreme pressure and many other types of abuse.

The Milwaukee 14″ Diamond Cut Off Blade is made from 304 stainless steel with a hardness rating of 58 HRC. The blade’s edge is ground flat so it will not scratch or mar your workpiece.

The handle features a black oxide finish that gives the knife its distinctive look. The blade comes packaged in a sturdy nylon sheath with hook and loop fastener closure system.

14″ Diamond Cut Off Blades are available in various widths. Please refer to the table below for details:

Width Length Weight 0.25″ 1/8″ 3-1/4 oz.

1-3/4″ 5/16″ 2-7/8 oz. 3″ 7/16″ 4-11/16 oz. 3-3/16″ 1/2″ 5-7/8 oz. 4″ 9/16″ 7-1/16 oz. 4-1/2″ 5/8″ 8-3/4 oz. 5″ 3/4″ 10-1/8 oz. 5-5/16″ 7/8″ 11-1/2 oz. 6″ 15/16″ 13-1/2 oz. 6-3/4″ 1-1/16″ 15-3/4 oz. 7″ 1-3/16″ 17-7/8 oz.

Please note: this table is for reference only. Blade sizes are not exact and may vary from the published specifications.

Once you have found the right blade size, you may want to purchase a pack of 10.

These blades are designed to produce a lot of sparks and should only be used in a clear workspace.

Milwaukee 14-inch Steelhead Diamond Cut Off Blade Review - Picture

The Black Abrasive Wheel is designed to withstand high revolutions while providing a sharp cutting edge. The wheels will outlast other types of abrasive wheels such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

These wheels are not designed to be used in hand held grinders.

Are you having trouble with your blades crumbling or chipping?

This may be due to improper blade orientation. Please refer to the product image for proper blade orientation. For extended life, decrease your revolutions per minute and increase the time of contact with your workpiece.

Removing the burr: Most diamond blades will form a burr during usage. This burr needs to be removed after every cut.

Failure to do so will cause issues with the blade and produce a dull or non-functional blade.

A simple way to remove the burr is by running a piece of cardboard over the blade. Another way is to use a piece of glass or tile, with a piece of sandpaper over it.

Please be careful when doing this as broken glass is a serious hazard.

If you are still having issues with your abrasive saw blade, please contact our technical support team.

For your safety during usage:

Always wear safety goggles.

Avoid operating in an enclosed area.

Milwaukee 14-inch Steelhead Diamond Cut Off Blade Review - Picture

Avoid contact with any moving parts of your power tool, such as the cutting tool or drive wheel.

Always hold blade at 90 degree angle to your work surface.

Do not allow the blade to make contact before starting the saw -this may cause kickback, damaging the saw and any objects in its path. Always engage the saw slowly while applying light pressure.

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