Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw C3607DA

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw C3607DA Features:

Corded or Cordless?

The first thing you need to decide before buying a circular saw is whether it will be corded or cordless. A corded circular saw will have two cords connected together at one end. One of these cords carries power while the other carries the signal from your battery pack to the blade. If you are using a corded circular saw, then you must use a separate power source to charge the batteries. Cordless circular saws do not require any extra equipment to recharge their batteries.

How Many Blades Does It Have?

A corded circular saw has three blades instead of four. You may choose between two-blade and three-blade models depending upon how much work you plan to perform with the circular saw. Two-blade models are better suited for general cutting tasks such as trimming wood and making small cuts. Three-blade models are best for cutting large pieces of lumber or larger objects like doors and windows.

What Type Of Blade Is Best For Me?

There is no right type of blade for every application, but there are some basic guidelines that you should follow when choosing a blade: Use the most powerful blade available. Most circular saws can be set to use either a fine or a coarse blade. The most powerful blades are the medium and then the fine. If you are cutting through soft woods, then you might want to use a medium tooth count. For harder woods, consider using a fine tooth count blade.

Use a multiple tooth count for the smoothest cuts. Your blade will have more than one tooth per inch. The higher the number of teeth per inch, the smoother your cut will be. The downside of more teeth is that the blade will be more likely to bind in the wood.

Use a standard depth gullet if you are cutting small pieces of wood. If you are cutting small pieces of wood or pieces that will be used for inlays, then consider using a standard depth gullet. These blades will not cut as deep into the wood as other blades on the market.

What Are The Extra Features Of The Circular Saw?

Make sure that you look at the extra features of the circular saw before you buy it. These features will help make your job easier and safer.

Is the depth of cut adjustable?

Depth of cut is an important feature if you are using a corded or cordless saw. All saws can be adjusted to cut a specific depth into the wood. This is accomplished with a knob on the front or side of the saw. If your saw does not have this feature, then you will need to make several passes with the saw in order to get the depth that you want.

Is the blade height adjustable?

The blade height on a saw can usually be adjusted using a knob on the front or side of the saw. The higher this knob is turned, the deeper the blade will go into the wood. This feature is especially important for circular saws that have a corded power source. A corded saw will often not cut as deep into the wood as a cordless saw because it doesn’t have as much power.

What is the shoe type?

The shoe is the part of the saw that contacts the wood. It helps to protect the surface of the wood that you are cutting. There are three common types of shoes that you will find on circular saws: There is the standard steel shoe, the aluminum shoe and the magnesium shoe. Each one of these types will work with your saw, but there are slight differences in each one. The standard steel shoe is relatively heavy. It helps to keep the saw grounded while you are cutting. The aluminum shoe is much lighter than the steel shoe. It is also more durable than the magnesium shoe. The magnesium shoe is the lightest of these types. It is slightly less durable than the aluminum shoe but it is much more durable than the steel shoe.

Is the bevel adjustable?

The bevel on a saw is used to cut at an angle. Most circular saws can be adjusted to cut at various degrees. For example, you may need to cut a board at a forty-five degree angle in order to fit it into your cabinets. The standard range that you will find on most circular saws is between zero and fifty degrees. You can also get specialty saws that can cut up to eighty degrees or even more.

What Is the Stroke Length?

The stroke length is an important feature to consider when you are buying a circular saw. It is the distance that the blade can travel back and forth. You will need to know this number when you are looking at lumber and trying to decide if it will fit into your saw. The standard stroke length for a circular saw is three and a half inches. This means that your stock should be no more than three and a half inches wide in order to fit into your saw. You may find specialty circular saws that can cut items that are up to six inches wide.

DEWALT DC385B Circular Saw, 18-Volt

The main selling point for the DEWALT DC385B is the adjustable shoe. This allows you to cut in a variety of different thicknesses from plastic to wood. This electric circular saw only weighs six pounds so it is very easy to manipulate in small or tight spaces. The price tag on this saw is a little higher than other products on our list, but you are paying for quality and dependability.

Makita XTS01Z Circular Saw

Makita is a very popular tool brand in the DIY space. They are known for making durable, high-quality items and the Makita XTS01Z does not disappoint. This lightweight circular saw has an adjustable shoe so that you can easily cut through a range of materials.

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