Metabo HPT DS18DGL 18V Cordless Drill Review

Metabo HPT DS18DGL 18V Cordless Drill Review

The Metabo HPT DS18DGL 18V Cordless Drill is a high performance tool that can handle any task. The DS18DGL is designed with a precision machined aluminum body and a stainless steel head. The DS18DGL features a powerful motor that produces up to 1,000 watts of power.

The DS18DGL comes with two interchangeable tip sizes: 0.020″ (0.5 mm) and 0.030″ (1 mm). There are three different speed settings: low, medium and high. The DS18DGL comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that provides up to six hours of continuous use. You can charge the battery pack using a standard household outlet or through USB port.

In addition to its powerful motor, the DS18DGL features a wide range of useful features such as an LED indicator light; push button start/stop function; adjustable torque control; and multiple safety protections including over current protection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. The DS18DGL also comes with a one year limited warranty.

The DS18DGL features Metabo’s patented “Quick-Lock” system, which allows users to quickly and easily change the accessory for a wide range of applications. The DS18DGL is compatible with the following Quick-Lock accessories: grinding disks, cut-off wheels, wood cutting bits, hole saws, tile cutting bits and masonry bits.

Other Metabo 18V products include impact drivers, angle drills, rotary hammers, circular saws, jigsaws and chain saws. The Metabo 18V product line also features the NEW SlimPack battery system. The SlimPack battery is designed to deliver more power and run time in a newly streamlined and lightweight design.

The DS18DGL cordless drill is covered by Metabo’s one year limited warranty.

Cordless drill reviews say this drill is an excellent choice for drilling holes and driving fasteners. This cordless drill features a comfortable handle that offers excellent grip and control during operation. The DS18DGL includes two interchangeable bits with the kit, a 0.5mm and 1mm bit, allowing you to select the correct size based on your project.

The drill provides 1,000 in. lbs. of torque and 277 RPMs for fast drilling and fastening. This cordless drill offers two speed settings for a variety of drilling and driving applications. The LED light on the DS18DGL helps illuminate dark work areas. Reviewers say this cordless drill is able to handle a wide range of jobs around the house from hanging pictures to building a bookshelf.

The Metabo DS18DGL is ideal for drilling into wood, metal and plastic. It is also useful for driving screws and rapid knock outs. This cordless drill is capable of working in tight spaces due to its small head size.

The drill takes only one battery, which Metabo offers in different voltage options. Users like the compact size of the drill and how lightweight it is. Reviewers say the Metabo DS18DGL has plenty of power for most jobs.

The Metabo DS18DGL cordless drill is not without its shortcomings. Some users say the chuck on the drill tends to loosen up during use and often needs to be tightened. The chuck cover on this cordless drill comes off easily, which can become a problem when working in tight areas.

The battery life on this drill is quite short, and a spare battery is needed to complete most projects.

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The Metabo DS18DGL cordless drill is a good option for the hobbyist do-it-yourselfer. The drill offers enough power and versatility for most household projects. The affordable price makes it easy to add this useful tool to your collection.

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