Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Gloves Review

Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Gloves Review: What are Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Glove?

The Mechanix Wear brand is known for its high quality products and their innovative designs. They have been producing high performance gloves since 2004. Their latest creation is the new padded palm glove with built-in padding which provides protection against hand injuries and cuts. The gloves feature a unique design which allows them to fit most hands. The upper part of the glove features a mesh material while the lower part is made from a soft fabric. This makes it comfortable and easy to move around in. A zipper at the back of the glove enables you to close or open it easily. There are two pockets on each side of the glove which hold various items such as keys, cell phone, wallet etc.. The gloves come in different colors. These include black, brown, grey, red and white.

What are the Benefits of Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Gloves?

These gloves offer protection against cuts and bruises caused by falls, punches from opponents or even sharp objects such as knives. They provide excellent grip when working with tools and other metal objects. The padding helps prevent your fingers from getting cut during these activities. The Mechanix Wear gloves feature ventilation holes which keep hands cool and allow perspiration to evaporate. They are ideal for use while working, fishing, hiking or even doing yard work in hot weather. These gloves are sold individually or in a pack of two or four.

Who are the Mechanix Wear Padded Palm Glove For?

The Mechanix Wear padded palm gloves are suitable for both genders and any age group. They are perfect for anyone looking to protect their hands from injury or simply enhance their grip. They are also ideal for jobs like plumbing, carpentry, construction, electrical work and various other activities which involve manual labor. The gloves can also be used while playing contact sports such as football or wrestling to protect your hands and keep them safe from injuries.

What Customers are Saying About Mechanix Wear Padded Palm Glove?

Most customers who have used these gloves have had only positive things to say about them. A lot of people who play contact sports such as football, UFC or wrestling find them very useful. Some even say that they prefer using these gloves over puffy ones since they provide better grip and hand protection. Others have reported that the Mechanix Wear padded palm gloves have helped prevent injuries from happening while working with tools and doing yard work.

A lot of people have also complimented the gloves for their excellent quality and value. A few have also mentioned that Mechanix Wear stands behind their products and provides excellent customer care. There were however a few complaints made about the sizing being off by a bit. A few others also said that the padding does not make the gloves very comfortable to wear since it makes them thicker than normal.

What Do We Think About the Mechanix Wear Padded Palm Glove?

We really like the design and quality of these gloves which is why we have given them our ‘Recommended’ rating. We feel that they are great for people who work with their hands on a regular basis or simply want to protect their hands while playing contact sports. The gloves can also be used while hiking or fishing in hot weather. They are however a bit bulky and the padding does make them a bit thicker than normal. Also, the sizing may not be accurate for all so you may need to try a few pairs on before purchasing.

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