Maxxeon Workstar 5000 Lumenator LED Light Review

Maxxeon Workstar 5000 Battery Replacement Guide

The Maxxeon Workstations are very popular among the DIYers because they come with lots of features and powerful performance. They have been around since 2011, but now there are many new models available such as the Maxxeon Workstation 5500.

These machines use a newer version of Intel’s Atom processor which means better performance and lower power consumption. There are two versions of these machines: one uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery while the other uses a standard alkaline battery. Both types of batteries last longer than traditional lead acid batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries

These batteries have been used in cell phones, laptops, cameras and electric vehicles. They can be recharged over time and will not lose their charge even if dropped or damaged.

Lithium ion batteries do not require regular charging like conventional lead acid batteries do.

Alkaline Batteries

These batteries are usually found in watches, flashlights, cameras and other electronic devices. They do not need to be charged regularly like lithium ion batteries do.

Alkaline batteries last much longer than lithium ion ones and can easily withstand being submerged in water for extended periods of time without damage.

How long do they last?

The short answer is: it depends on your needs. In general, lithium batteries last longer than regular ones. The rechargeable version will last much longer than an alkaline battery and can be recharged up to 1,500 times. A fully charged rechargeable battery works for about 5 hours of continuous use.

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Alkaline batteries will last a lot less but you can buy them in bulk since they are less expensive. These batteries are good for lighting up your workspace in a power outage.

Maxxeon Workstar 5200 Charger

Chargers are used for all types of devices and appliances. They use electric current to increase the capacity of something and make it work longer.

A charger is something you definitely need when you buy expensive tools since these devices consume a lot of power.

The Maxxeon Workstar 5200 Charger can be used for both battery types. It has a 2.5A USB port for recharging your batteries and a 20V/20A input.

This charger is compatible with Greenworks, Ryobi, Craftsman and many other cordless tools.

Maxxeon Workstar 5200 vs. 18v

These two batteries are very similar but they are not the same. The main difference is capacity and voltage.

The 18V battery has a higher capacity and voltage than the 5200 one. In general, DeWalt tools are known to be stronger and more powerful than other similar cordless devices. The batteries are also labeled with something like ‘DW988’ so you need to match the tool and battery types if you want them to work properly together.

Should I get the 18V or the 5200?

This really depends on your needs. Both are great battery types and both will last a very long time. The 5200 has a longer runtime between charges, but the 18V is a lot stronger and more powerful.

If you want the best of both worlds, then you can buy two additional batteries. That way, you always have a charged one ready in case you need more power.

How to take care of your tool batteries

You should take good care of your rechargeable batteries to get the most out of them. Avoid cheap low quality batteries since these devices consume a lot of energy and you will end up spending more money on them in the long run.

Taking proper care of your batteries will allow them to last for a very long time.

Discharging them completely is bad for their health and will reduce their overall life span. It is recommended that you recharge them even if they still have energy left, because this will prolong their life span a lot.

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Leaving them inactive for extended periods of time will also decrease their overall lifespan. These are not regular batteries so you cannot throw them away when they die.

You need to take them to a recycling center to dispose of them properly.

Don’t throw them away with the regular trash since some areas have special regulations for this. Check your regional rules before discarding anything since disposing of such chemicals improperly can be harmful for the environment and even illegal.

You should clean your battery contacts every couple of months with a cotton swab and some alcohol to ensure proper contact. This way, you will notice if something is wrong with the tool or the battery before it’s too late.

For cordless tools, you need to make sure the batteries and the charger are compatible. In some cases, you might have to buy more batteries if you need more power and run time.

Measure the space where you are going to store the charger to make sure it fits in the designated location.

There are two different types of battery chargers:

Slow Chargers – These ones are cheaper and they work great with smaller batteries such as AA and AAA. You can even use them to charge user-replaceable batteries in some devices.

Fast Chargers – If you need your batteries to be ready to use at a moment’s notice then you will need a fast charger. These can be a little more expensive but they are worth it in the long run.

Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when buying cordless tool batteries. We will list some of the most important factors so you can make an informed decision.

Voltage and Amp Hour

You will see these two values written on every battery. The voltage determines how much power the battery has, and the amp hour represents how long it can last before running out.

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If you need a lot of power for heavy duty jobs, then get a battery with a higher voltage. If you need something lighter and more portable for jobs that don’t require as much power, then you can get a battery with a lower voltage.

The amp hour rating will tell you how long the battery will last between charges. To calculate this, just divide the amp hour number by the current draw of the tool.

This will give you the number of hours the tool will last.

If you know how long your typical jobs last, then you can get a battery that will last the entire time. You may need to do some tests if you are unsure.


There are two main types of cordless tool batteries:

Rechargeable – These are better for the environment and usually cheaper in the long run. You have to remember to charge them before use, but they can hold a charge for a very long time when not in use.

This allows you to only charge them before major projects.

Non-Rechargeable – These are cheaper in the short run but you will need to dispose of them properly when they die. You will also need to buy a new set if you need more power since you cannot recharge them.

You can store fully charged rechargeable batteries for over a year before they start losing their charge if you turn them on to store. If you only use them once in a while, it can be several years.


Cordless tool batteries need to be replaced over time no matter what type of charger you use. They will eventually get to the point where they won’t hold a charge anymore, and you will have to dispose of them.

You should store your batteries properly when you are not using them. This will increase the amount of time between charges and the amount of times you can use them in between charging.

Taking care of your batteries will increase their lifespan and prevent them from leaking. This will also help keep the warranty valid if you still have it.

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Chargers can be a pain but they aren’t hard to use as long as you take proper care of your batteries. You have to charge them before every use, and you should let them fully charge before doing so.

You should also take care to not leave the batteries unattended while they are charging. This can cause the battery to overheat and even explode in some cases.

If you are using a fast charger, then it is best to let your battery rest for an hour before using it. Fast chargers put more stress on the battery so this helps prevent the risk of it breaking.

It’s best not to buy cheap replacement batteries since they are likely to break. You can save money in the short term, but you will end up buying new ones anyway.

This will also void any warranties you have since the manufacturer will know that you have used third-party parts.

You should also take care of your battery packs by keeping them clean and away from sand and dirt. You also need to keep them cool since extreme heat can make them explode as well.

Buying Guide

Below you will find some of the best manufacturer battery packs that are available on the market today. These are all high-quality products that have good reviews and a lot of people have had success with them.


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You can’t go wrong with DeWalt, especially with their smaller batteries. The DCB203 is compatible with most DeWalt 20v tools so you can start using it right away.

It’s cheaper than some other options as well.

It’s a great replacement battery or even if you just need an extra one for your drill. It will run at full speed longer than a lot of the cheaper batteries out there.

The DeWalt DCB205 is a longer lasting version of the 203. It has a higher capacity battery which will last much longer between charges and even plays well with other 20v tools from other manufacturers.

These two batteries have great reviews online and people are very satisfied with the way that they perform. They are also very well made and designed to last a long time even under heavy use.


The Makita DCL180 is a compact and lightweight battery pack that has received rave reviews online.

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