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Masterforce Cordless Circular Saw Review:

The most popular electric power tool in the world is the corded circular saw. It was invented by John Dille in 1873. Today it is used everywhere from construction site to home workshop. The popularity of this type of tools increased due to its low cost, ease of use and durability. However, there are some drawbacks which need to be considered before purchasing one such as; safety concerns, size limitations or other issues like that.

In this article we will share with you all the facts about masterforce cordless circular saw 5736 review. So let’s get started!

What Is A Cordless Circular Saw?

A cordless circular saw is a device which uses electricity to cut through wood, metal, plastic and many other materials without cutting into them. They are usually powered by batteries or AC current. There are two types of these devices; corded and non-corded. Corded circular saws have motors which run on batteries while non-corded ones do not.

How Does A Cordless Circular Saw Work?

Cordless circular saws work by turning a small motor to turn a large blade attached to the handle. The blades cut through material at high speed, thus causing no damage to surrounding objects. These types of machines are very powerful and can easily chop through thick pieces of wood with ease.

History Of The Masterforce Cordless Circular Saw?

The masterforce cordless circular saw was created in a garage by David Johnson on March 15, 1934. He assembled it from a collection of old car parts and tools he found in the garage of his home. Since that time, the cordless circular saw has evolved into a powerful and safe cutting tool for the masses.

Advantages Of A Masterforce Cordless Circular Saw?

There are many advantages to using a cordless circular saw over a corded one. However, before we talk about the advantages of the masterforce cordless circular saw, let’s first talk about the advantages of a corded one. Here they are:

1. They Are Very Powerful:

Corded circular saws have no limitations on power so manufacturers can make them as powerful as possible. This in turn makes them much more capable of cutting through thick materials easily and quickly. By comparison, cordless circular saws are limited by battery power so they can not be as powerful as corded options.

2. No Cords Get In The Way:

One of the major limitations of cordless circular saws is the cord. The cord can get in the way when cutting and cause accidents. There are even special cases where a cord would actually be dangerous. For example, when cutting a hole in the ceiling of a room where there is no flooring yet, an unexpected fall could be deadly. Using a corded circular saw would be the only safe way in this situation.

3. No Battery To Lose Or Replace:

One of the downsides of cordless circular saws is that they have a battery which can either die part way through use or even break. If this happens, the saw is useless until the battery is replaced or fixed. With a corded one, this isn’t a problem.

Now let’s look at the pros of a cordless circular saw:

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1. They Are Portable:

One of the biggest advantages of using a cordless circular saw is that they can be moved to any location easily. As long as there is power available within range then you can use it. Also, since there are no cords, the user can move around as desired.

2. No Need To Worry About Electrical Cords:

When using a corded circular saw, the biggest concern for most people is avoiding any contact with the electrical cord. Even a small shock can cause great harm and can throw off your concentration, which can lead to a serious accident if proper safety measures aren’t taken.

3. No Chance Of Internal Short Circuits:

Since cordless circular saws don’t have an internal power source, they are much less likely to suffer from short circuits. This is a common problem with corded circular saws where the wiring inside can become damaged if the tool is dropped or experiences some other type of shock. If this happens then the circular saw may not work at all or it might short out and give the user an electric shock.

They are quite heavy, so although cordless, they are still limited as to where they can be used. They are best suited for outdoor use since most lumber yards and hardware stores have outlets to power them for use there. This keeps the worker moving from one location to the next rather than being tied down to one spot when doing a large cut.

4. More Affordable:

Electric circular saws are more affordable than most people think. A corded circular saw can cost as little as $40. Most of the time you get what you pay for though so this is really just a bargain for those who just need something to get the job done and aren’t concerned with quality. On the high end, a corded circular saw can cost over $600, but this type of price is rare. Most of the time you’ll be able to find a good quality corded circular saw for between $200 and $400.

Cordless circular saws are a little more expensive although this is offset by the fact that you don’t have to pay an electrician to run a new power line to the work area. They can cost anywhere from $100 to over $600, with the higher priced models offering more power, features and durability.

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5. More Power:

Cordless circular saws, by design, have more power than corded circular saws. This is because more power is needed to run the internal power source and to run the power source over a longer distance. This means that cordless circular saws can handle just about any cutting job you have. The only real limitation is the size and weight of the tool itself since it can be awkward to use on really big pieces of material.

One last thing to remember is that since cordless circular saws do not have a direct power source, the tool itself has to be charged before use. Many cordless tools can be charged overnight, but this may not always be practical. The other alternative is to buy a corded circular saw and simply make sure you have enough extension cords so you can move around while cutting your material.

The main advantage of using a corded circular saw is affordability. These tools are great for hobbyists and DIYers who only need to do the occasional cutting job. It’s also good for people who only do light cutting jobs since you don’t have to worry about the tool dying in the middle of your project.

The main disadvantage is that corded circular saws are susceptible to short circuits and power loss if proper care isn’t taken. Also, since they are limited by an electric cord, they can only be used in certain areas and not others.

Cordless circular saws are more expensive, but they offer greater power and don’t have the limitations of a cord. Their main disadvantage is that they need to be recharged before each use. Also, they can be quite heavy since most of the power source is internal.

These are the main things to consider when choosing between a corded or cordless circular saw. It is important to look at your own needs and think about where you will be using the saw most often. Once you decide on that, it’s a simple process of choosing the right tool for the job!

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