Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw

Makita Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw Review: Pros & Cons


• Easy to operate. You don’t need any special tools or experience to use it. It’s very easy to use.

• Good power for its size. It cuts through wood with ease and doesn’t leave a mess behind when cutting through thin material like plywood or hardboard.

• Durable design. It won’t break easily even if you’re using it for long periods of time.

• Compact size. It fits into your pocket without taking up too much space.


• No dust collection feature. It only comes with one blade. If you want to clean the blades, you’ll have to do so yourself.

• No safety features such as a stop button or a switch that would prevent accidentally turning it off while working around other tools.

The Makita Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw Review: Specifications: Weight (empty): 0.9kg

Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw from our website

Weight (full): 2.5kg

Bevel Capacity: 53 Degrees

Maximum Miter Angle: 52.8 Degrees

Maximum Vertical Cutting Height: 57mm

Maximum Vertical Cut at 90 Degrees: 182mm

No Load Speed: 4000-4500rpm

Blade Diameter: 12.5mm

Cordless Tool Battery: 18V

Battery Included: Yes (1x BL1830)

Belt Hook: Yes (On Back)

Soft Grip Handles: Yes (2)

Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw at

One of the best miter saws for woodworking on the market, this model comes with great technical specifications that make it a very solid choice for your next project.

Superior Design: This is a very well designed miter saw that is specifically created for professionals. It comes with dust collection design, which means that you don’t have to deal with cleaning the equipment too often, as well as keeping your working environment clean and safe from flying debris. The automatic stop function protects you from injuries. The wide range of angles makes it very easy to work with. It can function at 0 to 50 degrees for both left and right cutting.

The miter range is from 0 to 52.8 degrees. While the vertical cutting capacity is 7-3/4 inches.

Excellent Performance: This is a cordless tool that comes with a built-in battery pack, which means that you can work on your project anywhere in your workshop, without being tied down to a cord, or having to find another power outlet. The battery charges in just one hour, and offers you continuous work for as long as you need it. The powerful motor has no problems dealing with hard woods or even with nails.

No Compromises: This is a very high quality tool that can perform all the functions of a corded saw. The only compromise is that it may not be as powerful as some of the heavier tools. This is not really an issue for most users though.

Overall, if you are looking for a cordless tool that has all the functions of a corded saw, then this is an excellent choice. It delivers superior quality without the added bulk and weight.

This may be one of the best sliding miter saws for the money in 2016. It may lack some of the more complex features of some of the more expensive saws, but this is a great choice if you need something high quality without spending too much money.


• Even under constant use, the blade stays very sharp for a long time.

• Powerful enough to work with a wide range of different materials.

• Comes with an electric brake for added safety.


Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw - Image

• This tool does not come with a laser guide or any other fancy features. It is on the heavier side as well. This means that it may be too cumbersome for some users.

Final Thoughts:

This tool has almost all the features that you could ever ask for in a sliding miter saw. It is very safe to use, and delivers excellent cutting performance with great precision. If you are looking for a high quality product that delivers real value for money, then this is an excellent choice.

Sliding miter saws can have a huge impact on your workshop. While they do take up some space, the functionality that they provide is well worth the sacrifice. If you are looking for an excellent sliding miter saw, then any of the equipment above would be a great purchase. They are all high quality, and are sure to last you quite some time.

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