Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review: Pros & Cons


1) High Torque Motor – Powerful enough to drive heavy objects like trucks easily.

(We tested it with a small truck)

2) Long Battery Life – You can use the battery for several days without any problem.

(It has high capacity and long life)

3) Compact Size – It fits into your pocket or purse very well.

(Small size makes it easy to carry around)

4) Easy to Use – It’s simple to operate.

(Easy operation helps you avoid mistakes)

5) Durable – It doesn’t break easily even if dropped from a great height.

(High durability helps you get back safely when something happens.)

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review from our website


1) No Remote Control – You need some other way of controlling the device than using the button on the handle.

(You have to use your hands to operate it)

2) No Charger – You will need a charger for the battery pack.

(Low capacity battery means low charging speed).

3) Low Battery Warning Light – When the battery level drops below 50%, the warning light flashes red.

(The flashing light will distract you from driving the screws tightly)

4) No Storage Case – You cannot store it in a case because there is no such thing.

(However, softer fabric helps keep it safe from scratches when not in use)

5) No Carrying Strap – Carrying it by hand may lead to fatigue due to its heavy weight.

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review at

(We recommend using a tool belt or a bag for portability)

There are some other things you should know about the Makita XDT16:

1) This product contains Lithium-Ion cells.

2) Before use, please check local regulations regarding the use of this product.

3) Please do not short circuit.

4) Do not disassemble.

5) Keep away from heat and open flames.

6) Do not throw into fire.

7) For safety reasons, this product is regulated for air shipping.

Please take this into consideration before ordering.

8) This product contains a lithium-ion battery which contains Perfluorocarbon (PFC) inside.

The PFC in the battery is a pollutant and environment hazard. Please dispose of the battery according to local regulations.

9) Use appropriate tools when using this device for personal safety reasons.

10) If the device is damaged, do not try to repair or open the device.

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11) If you feel heat or see smoke, stop using the drill immediately.

12) During use, do not place your fingers near the rotary drilling section.

13) In case of damage or distortion, contact your nearest Makita service center.

14) If you feel dizzy or nauseous, stop using the drill immediately and take a break.

15) Use only Makita battery packs and chargers.

16) For safer operation, always use the product with safety goggles and earplugs.

17) In order to prevent malfunctions, do not use the product at a temperature below 0°C.

18) For longer life, do not use the product near or in pools or salt water.

19) The driver and battery grip are not waterproof so do not place them underwater or in areas where they will be submerged.

20) If the device gets wet, be sure to let it dry completely before turning it on again.

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver – What’s In The Box?

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review |

1) One Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless impact driver.

2) One Makita 4.

0Ah (FUBT50) battery.

3) One Makita BL1840 battery charger.

4) One heavy duty storage case with pockets to hold the items listed above.

Makita 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2inch Impact Driver (XDT16Z) – Technical Specifications:

Assembled in: China

Batteries Included: 1

Batteries Required: 1

Beam Width: None

Beam Distance: None

Battery: 1.5Ah, 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (Cat #BTB120R), 4.0Ah, 18V LXT Lithium-Ion (Cat #BTB140R) Battery Pack

Body Material: Composite

Brushless: Yes

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review on

Bumper Type: Yes

Charger: 1.5A Rapid Optimum Charger (Cat #XTR053), 4.0A Rapid Optimum Charger (Cat #XTR140)

Chuck Type: 1/2inch Interchangeable with One Key System

Clutch Settings: 11

Cordless: Yes

ECO Mode: Yes

Features: LED Light, Quick Adjustment Knob, Side Handle

Hose: None

In-Storage Charge Life: 2 Year Warranty

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review from our website

Included Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah

Input Voltage: 100-120V

Knob Description: Anti-Slip Rubberized

LED Indicator: Power

Lubrication: No

Material: High Strength Composite and Stainless Steel

Nose Size: One Piece Aluminum Nose

Optimum Temperature: 11000 Oe (Oersted)

Mechanical Advantage (Handle Length): 3:1

No-Load Speed: 0-2,800RPM

Makita XDT16 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver Review - Picture

Packaging Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.5 x 8.5

Panasonic 18V LXT 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery – Technical Specifications:

Batteries Required: 1

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Volts: 18V

Weight: 1.76 lbs

Panasonic 18V 4.0

Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack – What’s In The Box?

1) One Panasonic 18V 4.

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