Makita Sub-Compact Impact Wrench Review

Makita Subcompact Impact Wrench Review:

The Makita sub compact impact wrenches are popular among home mechanics due to their low price and high quality. They have been around since 1987 when they were first introduced. The Makita sub compacts are available in many different sizes with various strengths and materials used in construction.

For example, the smallest size is the makita sub compact 1/2″ which measures 5/16″. This size is perfect for installing small bolts or nuts into tight spaces such as under sinks, behind door jambs, etc. The strength of this type of wrench is good enough to handle most household tasks.

The next size up from the 1/2″ is the makita sub compact 3/4″. This size is great for installing larger screws and fasteners. The strength of this type of wrench is excellent.

It’s strong enough to install large power tools such as electric drills, circular saws, and so forth.

The next size up from the 3/4″ is the makita sub compact 1″. This size is ideal for installing heavy duty automotive parts like bumpers, fenders, hoods, engine blocks and so forth. The strength of this wrench is more than enough to handle heavy duty jobs.

The last size up from the 1″ is the makita sub compact 1-1/4″. This size is a bit larger than most people need for general use, however it is still fairly popular in commercial settings where maximum power is needed.

Using the makita sub-compact impact wrench is very simple. The wrench it self only weighs about 2 pounds, so extended use does not cause fatigue. The average weight of a fully charged battery is 3.5 pounds, so using the impact wrench with battery power does not cause fatigue either.

The low weight and ergonomic design makes using the tool easy and efficient.

With the makita sub-compact 1/2″ you can tighten or loosen small bolts and fasteners. For larger bolts and nuts, you should use the makita sub-compact 3/4″.

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