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Makita Power Tools Catalog:

The Makita Tool Company was founded in 1882 by John W. Makita and William L. Murphy (1856–1930). They are one of the oldest tool manufacturers in America today. The company manufactures over 1,000 products including pliers, screwdrivers, sockets setters, wrenches, drills and other hand tools such as jigs and dies.

In addition to their product line, they also sell accessories such as cases, lids and other bits. These items are sold through retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. The company’s website provides links to their online store where customers can purchase these items.

Makita Chainsaws:

Makita chainsaws have been manufactured since 1883 when it started manufacturing its first model called the “Wagon Wheel.”

Since then, the company has continued to improve upon its original design. Today, Makita offers several models of chainsaws ranging from the basic to the most expensive models available. Most of them come with a variety of attachments and features such as air compressors, electric motors and hydraulic systems.

Makita chainsaws are made using high quality materials such as aluminum alloy steel and stainless steel. They are designed to last a lifetime because they are built with durability in mind.

Refurbished Makita Tools:

Makita uses electronic manufacturing technology to ensure the reliability of their power tools. They also have several new innovations that allow their batteries to last longer before needing to be recharged. This helps eliminate waste and saves consumers money.

Some power tools that are no longer in production may still be available from Makita. These tools have been refurbished to work like new and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These tools may be available through authorized Makita distributors.

Makita Power Tools:

Makita offers a wide selection of power tools including cordless drills and impact drivers, angle grinders, sanders, cut-off tools and many more. All of their power tools run on lithium-ion batteries that allow the user to work continuously before the tool starts to slow down. This feature is especially important when working with materials such as metal or masonry.

Makita sells several different types of drills and impact drivers. The company’s drills are available with either a keyless or key-based chuck. Their 18-volt cordless drill is available with two speeds and offers up to 0 to 400 rpm. It also has a built-in LED light that illuminates the workspace.

The company’s impact drivers are lightweight and have an ergonomic design for reduced operator fatigue. These tools can be used for a variety of fastening applications.

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Makita cordless sanders are available in either an orbital or a straight-line sander. Both of these sanders are lightweight and have velcro fasteners to secure the sander to a hand grip.

Other Makita power tools include grinders, polishers, saws and other specialty power tools.

Makita Air Tools:

Makita’s air tools have been designed with the professional user in mind. The company has several different types of air tools including grinders, impact wrenches, drills and nailers. All of these tools are made to last and are designed for maximum performance.

The company’s grinders are lightweight and feature a built-in cooling system. This keeps the tool from overheating and helps extend the life of the tool.

Makita’s impact wrenches are available in traditional or dual-neck models. The dual-neck version allows users to switch from a straight pin to an angled pin. This is ideal when working with different types of fasteners.

Makita’s drills come in either a standard model or a hammer drill. The hammer drill features a two-speed gear box that provides 0 to 1,500 or 0 to 2,700 rpm. This speed allows the tool to drill holes in a variety of different materials.

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