Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview

Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview: Features & Specifications


· High performance Lithium polymer battery with high energy density (80% higher than other similar size batteries)

· Long life lasting capacity (up to 2 years)


Power Source : Lithium Polymer Battery (Lithium Ion / Lead Acid )

Capacity : 1800mAh/18C

Max. Continuous Discharge Current : 20A

Dimensions: Length: 80mm; Diameter: 19mm; Weight: 65g

Operating Voltage Range : 3.7~4.2V

Maximum Operating Temperature Range : -10℃ ~ 60 ℃

Charge Conditions : 0.1C (2.5A)

Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview -

Standard Charge : 2.5A × 1.5Hr.

Quick Charge : 5A × 30Min.

Storage Conditions : 1Yr.80% Charge, 25 ℃

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Other types of cordless drills are available in the market such as the cordless brad nailer, cordless finish nailers and the popular cordless impact drill. These power tools have become very common in various households and in industries for their convenience in terms of ease of use and flexibility. They are relatively cheaper than the pneumatic power tools and don’t require bulky air compressors to power them.

However, unlike the pneumatic units, these power tools often need battery changes while working which can be a hassle. Their battery life and recharge time is usually quite short which may not be well received by professionals but is perfect for novices.

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Well, if yes then you’re in the right place. Here you will find a lot of cordless tools at different reputable brands. The best thing about all these tools is they are being offered at discounted prices. You can save a lot of money when you buy from this site as opposed to buying the tools from the manufacturer or any other site.

Cordless drills are one of the most popular power tools in the market and has been available for quite some time now. This tool combines the functions of a screwdriver and an electric drill. The drill bit is turned by a high-speed rotary motor operated by a battery.

Different models have different features but the main types of drills are the pistol grip, the magnetix, the regular, and the hammer.

These power tools are very popular and can be used for a wide range of applications such as drilling holes in wood, metal, and plastic, for driving screws; they can bore holes in wood and metal, grind and cut, strip wires, sharpen pencils, spread glue and paint, sand and carve. These tools are very versatile making them a favorite to a lot of people.

Makita cordless multi-tools are one of the most commonly used electric tools. These tools are powered by rechargeable and replaceable battery which makes them more flexible. A regular power cord limits the movement of the operator and even if it did have a long cord, plugging and unplugging it would be a hassle.

With a cordless tool, such things are a thing of the past.

Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview |

These tools resemble a drill and are very handy around the house or even at work. Some of these tools are impact drivers, which are used for heavy duty works such as driving in screws. Other tools can be switched from an ax to a saw blade simply by changing the heads.

These multi-purpose tools can save space and money. There is no longer a need to have a bunch of different electric tools when one cordless tool can replace all of them.

All types of cordless tools are expensive, no doubt about it. The good news is there are some online retailers that offer discounts on these power tools. By visiting these sites you can learn about the different types of tools available and what each tool is used for.

You can also learn about the different brands and find out which one is the best for you.

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