Makita HM0871C Demolition Hammer

Makita HM0871C Demolition Hammer:

The Makita HM0871C Demolition Hammer is a heavy duty, compact and powerful tool for demolishing concrete structures. The makita 10 lb hammer is ideal for removing large amounts of debris from around walls or ceilings where other tools are not effective enough to remove the material with ease.

The makita 20 lb hammer is perfect for removing large pieces of rubble, brick, stone or other materials that cannot be removed using the 10 lb hammer. The makita 30 lb hammer is suitable for removing small items such as nails and screws that would otherwise require a pickaxe to remove.

The makita 40 lb hammer is designed specifically for use when removing large sections of reinforced concrete. It’s strength makes it a good choice for removing large chunks of concrete that might otherwise cause damage to your work area if used by someone else.

Demolish Concrete Walls & Ceilings With This Heavy Duty Tool!

The makita 50 lb hammer is the best choice for anyone needing to remove sections of concrete from around pipes, ducts or other similar areas. The extra strength and power in this hammer makes this a great tool for anyone working in the construction industry.

The makita 60 lb hammer is a perfect choice for anyone removing objects around pipe lines or ducting. This hammer is designed specifically for use with reinforced concrete and will destroy reinforced concrete with ease.

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