Makita EM2650LH 4-Stroke String Trimmer Review

Makita Em2650LH 4-Stroke String Trimmer Review

The Makita EM2650LH 4-stroke trimmer is one of the best string trimmers available in the market today. It comes with a high quality aluminum body and features a powerful motor that allows it to cut through thick branches without breaking. It’s easy to operate thanks to its ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable for both hands. It includes a large handle so you don’t have to hold it while cutting. There are two speed settings: Low and High.

You can adjust the trimming angle from 0° (flat) to 90° (vertical). The blade is made of chrome plated steel, which provides excellent cutting performance even when wet or dirty. It’s very durable and won’t rust over time.


Highly Durable Aluminum Body

Very Powerful Motor

Easy To Operate With Ease Of Use Design And Handle For Both Hands Cons: Can’t Find Any

Overall, the Makita EM2650LH 4-Stroke is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a powerful string trimmer that can perform well in all kinds of conditions. Its powerful 4-stroke engine provides enough power to go through thick and tall grass and weeds. The large handle makes it comfortable for longer use and allows you to control it with ease. It’s easy to start and use. Just add a little gas, pull the cord a few times to start it up, and you’re good to go.

Stop wasting your time struggling with cheap and low quality weed eaters. This is the best string trimmer you can get without spending too much money. It’s worth every penny. If you have any questions about the product that were not covered in this review, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Makita em2650lh Review

Makita EM2650LH 4-Stroke String Trimmer Review at

The Makita 2650LH is a top of the line weed eater that can handle just about everything you could imagine. With its powerful engine and great features, this weed eater can make your yard work seem like fun rather than a chore.

This type of weed eater works well for people who have a decent sized yard and want to keep on top of all their outdoor maintenance with minimal effort. With this machine, you can cut through heavy patches of grass and weeds as long as you give the blades time to wake up. For light trimming, a few passes will get most of the work done.

The string line that this weed eater uses is .105 inches in diameter which is very thick. It has a 4 cycle engine and uses premixed fuel and oil (2-Cycle) which is very easy to get. You won’t need to worry about trying to find a place that sells it or having to mix the gas and oil yourself.

Given all that, this isn’t an inexpensive weed eater; however, it is certainly worth the price. When it comes to yard work, the most important thing is efficiency and saving time. This weed eater can really help to make that happen.

Ease of Use

This isn’t a weed eater that you’re going to be able to just pick up and start using right away; however, if you’re just working on your standard yard then you should have no problems. If you’re planning on using it for heavier yard work, then take the time to learn how to use it properly.

Once you have the hang of it, you can easily complete jobs much quicker than you would with other weed eaters. The extra weight can also take some getting used to, but there is a shoulder strap that can be used to take some of the weight off your arms.

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