Makita DT03 12V CXT Impact Driver Review

Makita DT03 12V CXT Impact Driver Review: Pros & Cons


1) Low price.

You will get it at very low cost.

2) Good quality.

It comes with a lifetime warranty. (You can return it if you are not satisfied). This is one of the best bang for your buck when buying a new product from Makita.

3) Great features.

You can use it for many different purposes.

4) Durable.

Makita DT03 12V CXT Impact Driver Review from our website

It’s made out of high-quality materials and durable design.

5) Easy to install.

No tools required! (It is easy to remove the batteries too).


1) Not all Makita products come with a lifetime warranty.

If you buy this product, then you have to pay for the repair or replacement costs after 5 years.

2) The motor may not last forever.

Sooner or later it might stop working properly.

3) There are some downsides such as:

Makita DT03 12V CXT Impact Driver Review at

a) The motor may not work well under certain conditions like extreme heat, cold temperatures, vibration and so on. But there is no way around these things since they are inherent in any type of technology.

b) The battery does not come with the product. You have to buy it separately, which will cost you extra money.

Makita DT03 12V CXT Impact Driver Review: Our Opinion

Great price, good quality, and decent performance. This a pretty good cordless drill if you only need to use it occasionally and you don’t need to go too fast (especially in hard materials). This is the perfect cordless drill for home use and light work. You have to be very care with this product, because it does not tolerate rough work.

If you are looking for a new cordless drill you might want to take a serious look at Makita’s 12V driver.

It is easy to use it to drive fasteners or as a regular drill. There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with the value of this Makita tool. It is small, lightweight, durable, and convenient. If you do not want to spend too much money on an expensive cordless drill, this product will give you exactly what you need!

This cordless drill is perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.

We suggest you buy this cordless drill!

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Reviews from customer:

By Daniel A. Torres “Daniel A. Torres”

This is a great tool, it’s light and small enough to get into tight spaces to drive screws or remove them. Using the clutch allows you to not strip out screws.

By Matt Fry “Matt Fry”

I have only had this product for about a day now, but it seems amazing so far. This is replacing a battery powered screwdriver that I have been using for years. This product will save me time and energy when doing projects around the house. I used it to put up a shelf, and it worked perfectly.

It is nice that it can also drill holes, so I don’t need to keep swapping out the bits.

I highly recommend this product.

By Tanya “Tanya”

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