Makita DML812 18V LXT Cordless LED Flashlight and Spotlight

Makita DML812 18V LXT Cordless LED Flashlight and Spotlight

The Makita DML812 is a high quality light with a powerful battery that lasts up to 50 hours. The light features a compact design which fits into your pocket or purse easily. You can use it while walking around town, hiking, camping or even at night when you are sleeping. The flashlight comes with two different modes: High and Low.

The light comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery (included) which provides up to 50 hours of runtime.

You can choose between three brightness levels: Low, Medium and High. When using the flashlight in low mode, it will produce a beam of yellowish white color. However, when used in medium or high mode, the beam becomes brighter and produces a bright white light. The flashlight has two different modes – strobe and constant on/off function.

The strobe feature allows you to turn the flashlight on and off with just one button press.

In addition, the flashlight has a built-in spotlight that works like a candle. When turned on, it emits a bright light that shines through the lens. You can use it to see where you’re going or look at things from afar without having to carry any extra lighting equipment. The flashlight has two settings – flash and steady on/off function.

The flashlight can either stand on a flat surface or hang from its pocket clip. The light is very compact and easy to use. It most definitely will come in handy in any situation that entails poor lighting conditions. Even though it’s a small flashlight, it’s very bright and the different lighting modes allow you to see a good distance away.

The flashlight is currently priced at $89.99. Compared to other flashlights in its category and range, the price is very reasonable. It’s a high quality flashlight that’s built to last and will serve you well for years.

The flashlight is covered by a limited 90-day warranty.

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Makita DML812 Features and Specifications:

The flashlight has swivel head and comes with a built-in spotlight that has a candle lighting brightness

It also comes with a re-chargeable 18V LXT lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 50 hours of run time

The flashlight has three lighting modes – high, low, and strobe

It’s compact, durable, easy to use and portable.

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