Makita DML811 18V LXT LED Work Light Review | 3000 Lumens

Makita DML810 18V LED Work Light Review | 3000 Lumens:

The Makita DML810 is a high quality work light with a price tag of $399.00 (as of this writing). This is one of the best value LED lamps available today. It comes with two 12V DC power inputs, so it will run from any standard wall outlet or car battery charger. There are three brightness settings ranging from low to high.

A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the lamp’s output to your needs.

It features a bright 3200K white color temperature which makes it ideal for outdoor use, but not too warm for indoor use. It offers a wide beam angle of up to 90 degrees and provides enough illumination for general lighting tasks such as reading, working, and even cooking.

There are four different modes: Low, Medium, High, and Turbo. These modes change the brightness level of the lamp depending on how much energy you have left in your batteries. You can choose between three types of batteries: Lithium Ion (LiIon), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lead Acid (Litho-Graphite). Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example LiIon batteries provide longer runtime than NiMH or lead acid cells.

The Makita DML810 includes two of the more popular types: 18V LXT 5.0AH LiIon battery (BL1830) and an 18V 4.0AH NiCd battery (BN142). Of course, you can always but extra batteries to extend the runtime of this lamp when needed. It uses a patented bi-folding Hanger handle which allows you to hang or stand the lamp up on its side for more convenient lighting on horizontal surfaces.

The light itself can be positioned and locked in any one of seven different positions.

The Makita DML810 measures 15.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, 7.3 inches high and weighs 7 pounds. It comes with a 3-year compressor and 12-month battery warranty.

This is a well-rounded worklight that will serve you for many years to come.

The Good:

Can use any type of DC power source.

Three different power sources will extend the time you can use this lamp. The three different power sources means you are much less likely to ever run out of power when using this lamp. When one battery begins to die, you can easily switch it out with a freshly charged one. This lamp can be hooked up to a wall outlet, a car battery, or even another D-Battery pack. It is basically future proof so long as you have some way of generating 12 Volts.

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Very bright.

The 3200K color temperature makes this light perfect for working or even reading. It isn’t too blue or too yellow. The powerful LEDs have an effective range of up to 100 feet. It has a wide 90-degree beam angle so you can illuminate an entire room without the need for a spotlight effect.

Solid build quality.

The Makita DML810 is very well designed and built to handle many years of use and abuse. The lamp can be dropped from up to 6.5 feet high without suffering any internal damage. There are no plastic pieces to wear down like most worklights and the anodized aluminum is both durable and resistant to the elements.

Battery indicator.

The DML810 has a built-in battery gauge which tells you the charge level of the batteries with ease. This is very handy for maintaining your batteries and making sure you get the most runtime out of them. A quick glance is all it takes.

The Bad:

Batteries are not included.

This isn’t a big deal for most people, but it can be a hassle if you don’t have any extra batteries laying around the house. You can pick up some 18v LXT batteries on Amazon fairly cheap if you want to get started right away. The larger battery size does make this light a little on the heavy side compared to other worklights though.

Overall, the Makita DML810 is a very solid choice. It comes with a great feature set that will meet and exceed all of your lighting needs. It isn’t the smallest or the lightest, but it does provide more than enough runtime for most jobs.

Best Tactical Flashlight

Maglite XL200

Makita DML811 18V LXT LED Work Light Review | 3000 Lumens - Picture

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This is the classic hand-held flashlight many people grew up with. The Maglite XL200 is a no-frills, well-built flashlight that you can rely on. It isn’t fancy but it gets the job done. It’s heavy and a little clunky, but the light weight of the plastic makes it more comfortable to hold than most other flashlights.

The Good:


Maglites are known for their durability and the Maglite XL200 is no exception. This flashlight is practically indestructible and can withstand drops of up to 10 feet without any problem. It also has a water-resistant design, so it’s safe to use in wet conditions. The anodized aluminum is scratch-resistant, which means it will maintain its good looks even after years of use.

Good battery life.

Running on 3 D-cell batteries, the Maglite XL200 is one of the longest-lasting flashlights you can buy.

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