Makita Cordless Band Saw XBP03

Makita Cordless Band Saw XBP03 Review: What’s So Good About It?

The Makita Compact Band Saw is one of the most popular models among professional woodworkers. It is very easy to use and it offers many features that make it suitable for any type of work.

It comes with a powerful motor which makes it possible to cut through large pieces of lumber or even thicker stock without breaking down. It is equipped with two different blade types – straight and serrated. These blades are designed to give the best results when cutting through thick stock such as plywood, MDF, particle board, etc.

In addition to its power and versatility, the Makita Compact Band Saw has several other useful features that make it ideal for home users and small shops. For example, it has a dust collection system and a safety feature that prevents the saw from accidentally cutting yourself while working around the saw.

Features Of Makita Compact Band Saw XBP03

Powerful Motor – Powerful motors are used in all electric tools. However, they usually have some drawbacks. One drawback is that they tend to be loud when running at full speed. The other drawback is the heat that they give off during operation.

The Makita Compact Band Saw has a powerful motor that delivers 4,400 RPM for quick and accurate cuts. The belt-driven motor design eliminates the problems caused by friction and heat giving you years of reliable operation.

In addition, the design of the brushes reduces resistance, further increasing the efficiency of the motor.

The brushless motor design also has benefits for users. The most obvious one is the lack of maintenance required to keep it running. There are no replacement brushes or commutators that need to be replaced or adjusted.

Another benefit of the brushless design is that it is completely silent when the saw is not running. This is perfect for those who work in quiet environments and need to use a band saw on occasion.

When the saw is running, it is still fairly quiet. However, some sound is to be expected from a 4,400 RPM motor. Fortunately, the sound is not enough to cause significant hearing loss after prolonged use like some other tools.

Other features contributing to the quiet operation of this tool include an induction motor and a re-circulating ball bearing system.

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Sturdy Construction – A sturdy tool makes all the difference when working with power tools. A sturdy corded drill will allow you to drive hundreds of screws without the chuck slipping out of position. A sturdy bandsaw will allow you to make repeated cuts through hardwood without the blade slipping out of position.

The sturdy frame on the Makita Compact Band Saw puts your mind at ease when making cuts. The large rubber feet prevent it from moving when cutting through large pieces of wood. In addition, there is a large metal foot pedal which provides additional stability.

When making any cut, it is very important to support the wood so that it doesn’t kick back and harm you in any way. The Makita Compact Band Saw has a large table which provides plenty of room to hold the wood in place. In addition, there is an optional extension available for larger projects.

The blade on this saw is held in place by a sturdy metal clamp. The clamp has the ability to hold the blade firmly in any position within a 45 degree range. You can loosen or tighten the clamp with just a few turns allowing for quick adjustments during the course of a cut.

When the blade needs to be replaced, this process is fast and easy. It only requires the turn of a lever which causes the clamp to release the blade. New blades can be easily inserted and the clamp will automatically grab them, ready for use.

Variable Speed – Many professionals prefer a variable speed saw because they offer more precision. In addition, these tools are usually quieter than their high-speed counterparts. This is one of the main reasons why this tool is preferred by professionals who need to make cuts in a quiet environment such as a school or library.

The ability to adjust the speed is very easy. It only requires the turn of a dial to change the speed from 8000 RPM down to 4000 RPM. This low speed is perfect for working with delicate materials or when making longer cuts.

Corded Power – Another benefit of this tool is that it is corded. While cordless tools are certainly convenient, a corded tool is usually more powerful and reliable. The downside to most corded tools is the length of the power cord. This particular model only has a 6-foot power cord.

This makes it less than ideal for jobs where you need to move around a lot.

That being said, the freedom to move around is a luxury that you don’t have when working on a job with an extension cord. It is very common for professionals to need to move from one area to another while working. With an extension cord, you would need to bring extra just in case the added length was needed. This is no problem when working with a corded tool because you can simply unplug the cord and move to the new area.

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If the short cord is a deal breaker for you, there are a few extension cord options that you could use. One option is to get an extension cord and an inline switch. This option will allow you to turn the saw on and off without unplugging it.

The next option is to get an adapter which is capable of connecting two extension cords together. With this option, you can simply connect two extension cords together and you will have one very long extension cord. This gives you the freedom to move around, but you will have to untangle the mess every time you move somewhere else.

Dust Extraction Port – One safety hazard of this product is the fact that it produces wood dust. This is very fine dust which can be hazardous to your health if ingested over a long period of time. For this reason, it is recommended to use some sort of dust extraction system.

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