Makita Corded Mid-Size Demolition Hammers

Makita Corded Mid-Size Demolition Hammer Specifications:

Weight (lbs): 37.5

Length (in.): 18.25″

Diameter (mm): 2.75″

Capacity: 10 lbs. each

Manufacturer: Makita Corporation of America, Inc.

Model Number: MCS-2

Material: Steel with Aluminum Alloy Handle and Shafts

Finish: Black Powder Coat or Nickel Plated Finish

Type: Heavy Duty Demolisher

Makita Jackhammer Specifications:

Makita Corded Mid-Size Demolition Hammers |

Weight (lbs): 34.8

Length (in.): 17.3″

Diameter (mm): 2.6″

Capacity: 6 lbs. each

Makita 21-Inch Ductile Iron Construction Construction Jackhammers Specifications: Weight (lbs) 33.9 Length (in.) 16.4 Width (in.) 5 Depth (in.

) 3.6 Diameter (in.) 2.6 Capacity (lbs) 6

Makita 24-Inch Ductile Iron Construction Jackhammers Specifications:

Weight (lbs) 35.3

Length (in.) 23.5″

Diameter (in.) 2.75″

Makita Corded Mid-Size Demolition Hammers on

Capacity (lbs) 9

High Quality, Variable, and all-Purpose Demolition Hammers – Now with New Ergonomic Comfortable Grip!

At The Home Depot Tool Department, we know that professional contractors and serious DIYers need a jackhammer that can handle whatever conditions they may face on the jobsite. That is why we offer a wide range of jackhammers to meet the demands of a variety of jobs, be they of the commercial or home owner variety.

Demolition hammers are among the most powerful pneumatic tools used for breaking up asphalt, concrete, stone, and other masonry materials. We offer two different types: those with a straight handle (or “butt”) and those with an extended handle that looks like an axe handle. The latter allows the user to drive the chisel with the tool held over their shoulder.

Of course, the more powerful the tool, the more expensive it is to run and the faster you’ll go through air pressure. For this reason, you may wish to consider a mid-range model such as our 21-in. or 24-in. straight handle jackhammers, which provide plenty of power to break up most any material without breaking your budget.

Other features to consider include things such as the size of the hammer head, the type of chisel it uses, the length of the handle, and the ease of refilling the tank. Longer handles provide more leverage and make using the tool less tiring. Blade styles vary: a flat cutting edge is best for concrete while a rounded edge is better for asphalt.

However, no matter what kind of job you have and whatever features you need, you can feel confident that we have the right tool for you. So, browse our selection of jackhammers today to find the one that’s right for you!

Buy the Makita corded mid-size demolition hammers in 27 lb weight online at the Home Depot Tool Department today.

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