Makita AN924 Framing Nailer

Makita AN924 Framing Nailer Review: Features & Specifications

The Makita AN924 is a high quality framer with a wide range of features. It’s the most popular model among home repair professionals and it’s also one of the best performing ones out there. This model comes in three different models; the standard, the extended and the portable.

These are all very good choices because they’re easy to use, durable and affordable. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they all have the same basic design.

The Makita AN924 is a compact, lightweight frame that’s ideal for small jobs like trimming window frames or installing door hardware. It has a simple design that makes it easy to operate and maintain. This model includes several safety features such as a spring-loaded trigger mechanism, which prevents the hammer from accidentally firing when you press down on the button while turning the handle.

There’s also a safety switch located under the barrel of the gun that will stop the gun if it detects any sort of abnormal movement.

It’s made from high strength aluminum alloy and it weighs only 5 pounds. It has a removable dust cover so you can clean off debris without damaging your work surface. The Makita AN924 is equipped with two interchangeable blades: a straight blade for cutting through wood and a serrated edge for cutting through metal.

The rip fence can be set to the width of any board that you’re working on, which makes it easy to quickly and accurately cut through a series of boards. The non-slip rubber feet keep the gun firmly in place while you’re using it. It comes with a carrying case for easy transport and it has a maximum pressure of 2,000 lbs. per inch.

What makes it really stand out is its powerful performance. Despite its small size and light weight, it has the ability to drive a wide range of different nails thanks to its efficient air compressor. You can adjust the depth of the drive with the turn of a knob so it’s incredibly easy to use.

The trigger doesn’t have too much resistance so you can fire the gun easily without losing control of it. The gun also has a very quiet exhaust so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors while you work. The gun’s safety features are among the best in the industry so you don’t have to worry about losing control of your gun while it’s in use. Despite its small size, the gun can still drive a three and a half inch long framing nail into hardwood with relative ease.

This model does come with a few minor flaws. It tends to jam every now and then so you need to keep an eye on it while you’re working. It doesn’t matter how much you oil it or what types of nails you use, it’s going to jam on occasion.

Makita AN924 Framing Nailer from our website

This really isn’t a huge deal because these jams are easy to rectify. You just have to take your time when clearing them.

All in all, this is a great model that comes at a very reasonable price. It’s comfortable and easy to use even after extended use.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love this model because it’s so easy to use and relatively quiet. They also like the fact that it comes with a carrying case and two different types of interchangeable blades. While some people have had issues with jamming, most people don’t seem to have this problem after a few weeks of use.


Lightweight and compact for easy transport. Key lock feature and safety switch prevent accidental discharge. Spring-loaded trigger mechanism makes it easy to fire.

Plenty of safety features. Comes with two different types of interchangeable blades. Comes with a carrying case for easy transport.


Jamming is common if you’re working with soft woods or long nails. Does not accept standard air hoses. Sometimes it’s difficult to change the blades.

3. Hitachi NR90AE2

The last model on our list is the powerful and efficient Hitachi NR90AE2. This is one of the best models on the market not only because of its lightweight design but also due to its wide range of features which we’ll go into more detail about in a moment. Let’s take a look.

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This unit has a simple but efficient design that’s capable of withstanding years of regular use. It has a maximum pressure of 2,500 lbs. per inch so you know it’s capable of handling just about any type of work you need it to do.

Like most other models on our list, it uses an oil free pump which means it’s lighter and requires less maintenance when used regularly.

One of the best features on this model has to be the active flow technology. This system automatically regulates the amount of exhaust required which in turn helps prolong the life of the air tank. While this is great for people who do a lot of work, it also makes this unit safer to use for beginners.

As with most framing nailers, this one comes with a sequential mode which allows you to fire a single nail at a time which is great for precise work. The nose cap has a magnet fitted into it so you don’t have to pick up nails or worry about damaging your nose.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with too many extras. You get what you pay for in most cases so if you want a carrying case, you’re going to have purchase it separately.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love the fact that this model is so easy to use and doesn’t weigh too much. They also like the fact that they can use either nails or screws with this tool. Some people have had issues with jams but this is rare.


Lightweight and powerful. Durable design. Comes with sequential mode.

Extremely easy to reload. Powerful enough to use for professional work. Can be used for a wide range of different projects.


Doesn’t come with many extras.

Buyer’s Guide

What is a framing nailer?

A framing nailer is a type of power tool that’s designed to drive nails into pieces of wood, commonly referred to as the framing of a house or other types of buildings.

While you can get by with a standard hammer and a lot of patience, a framing nailer is designed to make your life much easier. It’s able to drive nails into wood in a fraction of the time it would take you with a hammer. This saves you time and as we all know; time is money!

Makita AN924 Framing Nailer from our website

Types of Framing Nailers

There are three main types of framing nailers that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before making a purchase. They are:

Pneumatic Framing Nailers

Pneumatic framing nailers operate using compressed air which means you’ll need to use an air compressor. If you already have one of these for your paint sprayer, then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. One benefit of this type of power tool is that it drives nails faster than the other types.

The downsides are that they can be quite costly and they’re a little noisier than their counterparts.

Cordless Framing Nailers

Cordless framing nailers are great because they don’t require you to be tethered to a compressor. They’re also cheaper than the pneumatic type and a lot quieter as well. The only real downside is that they don’t drive nails quite as fast as their pneumatic cousins.

Battery life is also an issue with this type and you’ll need to keep an eye on it so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of your work.

Airless Framing Nailers

Makita AN924 Framing Nailer -

If you’re on a really tight budget then you might want to consider an airless framing nailer. They don’t use compressed air or batteries, instead, these tools operate using a liquid that’s forced through the tool under pressure.

Because they don’t rely on air or batteries, these tools are much cheaper to operate and maintain. The downsides are that they can be a little heavier than the other types, they’re slower than their pneumatic cousins and they’re louder as well.

What’s your experience level?

If you’re a professional, you’ll probably want to get one of the more expensive pneumatic framing nailers. They’re able to perform the job a lot quicker and you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you’re a homeowner who does some minor handyman work every now and then, you don’t need to break the bank. You can get by just fine with a cheaper cordless framing nailer for most tasks. Just remember, if you start a project that’s a little out of your league, you’ll end up having to buy a more expensive model to finish the job.

What types of wood are you working with?

If you’re using a framing nailer for delicate jobs, you’ll want to make sure that you get a pneumatic framing nailer that has adjustable controls. This will allow you to limit the power so you don’t end up damaging the wood.

If you’re going to be using your framing nailer on a lot of heavy-duty jobs, you’ll end up wearing out the tool a lot quicker if it doesn’t have full power. Be sure to get one with adjustable controls if this is the case.

How comfortable are you with air compressors and the like?

If you’re not very comfortable using air compressors then you’ll definitely want to go with a cordless or a battery operated framing nailer. They’re a lot simpler to operate and there’s less maintenance involved.

However, if you don’t mind a little extra hassle just to save a few bucks, then go with an air compressor powered framing nailer. Despite the fact that they require constant maintenance, they tend to be cheaper in the long run.

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