Makita 7.2V Drill DF012D: A Low Power Screwdriver for Pros

Makita 7.2V Drill DF012D: A Low Power Screwdriver for Pros

The Makita 7.2 volt drill is a low power electric screwdriver with a high torque motor. It’s small size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces or when you don’t have time to reach your tools in case of emergency. It’s compact design means you can carry it easily and take it anywhere.

It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to 4 hours of continuous operation and charges in just 15 minutes. You can charge the battery pack from any USB port, but if you’re using it at night, make sure not to leave the charger plugged into anything else during the day!


• Compact size (4″ x 1″ x 0.8″) and light weight (9.2 Ounces)

• 2-Speed gear box for improved fastening speed

• 3/8″ Single sleeve ratcheting chuck for secure bit retention

• Up to 4 Hour Runtime with lithium-ion battery

What Users are Saying

Users love this drill, many saying it’s the best one they’ve ever used! It has certainly increased their productivity, especially in cabinet hanging. They all agree that the compact size is great for working in awkward spaces, and it’s light weight means you don’t get tired holding it.

The only cons most can come up with are that it takes a little longer to charge than some other drills, but most are willing to overlook this considering the battery life. Others wish it had a light but once again, they accept that this would add to the weight of the tool.

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In Conclusion

The Makita 7.2V drill is a great tool for anyone working in small spaces or who needs the maneuverability that a compact tool provides. It’s ultra-light weight, 4 hour battery life, and 15 minute charging time make it a very useful addition to your tool box.

You can read more reviews here on Amazon.

So, where can you get one?

Well, Amazon has the lowest price on the internet. No surprise there! You can also check other merchants like eBay and local tool stores but you may end up paying a little more for it. Just compare prices and see for yourself.

Makita 7.2V Drill Conclusion:

The Makita 7.2V is the best cordless drill for anyone working in tight spaces. If this sounds like you then this cordless drill is for you. It’s small, compact, and ultra-light weight so that you can work in those tight spots with ease.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, the Makita 7.2V cordless drill will help you get the job done right.

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