Makita 15-Amp Recipro Saw Review JR3070CTZ

Makita JRC3070CTZ: Makita 15-Inch Reciprocating Saw Review JR3070CTZ

The Makita 15-inch reciprocating saw is one of the most popular types of power tools in the world. These are the best selling models among home users and professional tradesmen alike. They have been used by many people around the globe for years. However, they do have their limitations.

One of these is the size of the blade which makes it difficult to cut through wood or other materials with ease. Another limitation is that they are not very powerful when cutting through metal or plastic.

The Makita 15-inch reciprocating saw has a maximum cutting capacity of approximately 2 1/2 cubic feet per minute (cpm). This means that if you were to use this saw to cut a piece of paper the resulting sheet would only measure about 5 inches wide by 8 inches long. If you wanted to cut out a square, the result would be much larger.

When it comes to power, Makita 15-inch reciprocating saws come in two varieties; the standard model and the high performance model. The standard version is rated at 20 cpm while the high performance model is rated at 30 cpm. This means that the power of this saw is relatively weak when compared to other types of power tools. The reason for this is that it was designed to be cordless.

Making it cordless increases its appeal to many people.

As mentioned above, the cordless design also makes it weaker than most other reciprocating saws. As such, this saw is not very effective when it comes to cutting through lumber or other hard materials. This weakness is made worse because the small size of the blade also makes it difficult to make longer cuts.

The weight of this tool is another mark against it. It is much heavier than other reciprocating saws. This means that extended use can lead to fatigue and possibly injury. The grip of this saw is also uncomfortable, though this can be easily fixed by wrapping it in rubber tape for improved handling.

The power button on the handle is also inconveniently placed.

Makita JRC3060CTZ: Makita 11-Amp Reciprocating Saw Review JRC3060CTZ

The Makita 11-amp reciprocating saw is one of the newer models in this product line. It was designed to improve upon the weaknesses of the older model by fixing its deficiencies while retaining all of its strengths. This saw has been praised for its balance. The weight of the saw is distributed over a large area making it easy to maneuver.

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It is much lighter than other reciprocating saws which lessens the risk of fatigue and injury during extended use.

The 11-amp motor gives this saw more power than the older model. However, when compared to other types of power tools, this saw does not have nearly as much power. It should only be used for light duty jobs such as small home improvement projects. It will not be able to cut through lumber, plywood or other types of hard materials.

The small size of the blade limits the size of the sheet that can be cut. A 5 inch by 8 inch sheet of paper is about the largest size that can be cut with this tool. This saw also has a tendency to become jammed with the flexing of the blade. Using a piece of wood to prevent this from occurring can greatly increase its cutting effectiveness.

Makita JS621Z Reciprocating Saw 16.5 Amp Review

The Makita 16.5-amp reciprocating saw is a powerful, heavy duty tool that is perfect for those hard to reach places. It has one of the most powerful motors available in a reciprocating saw. It was designed with the needs of a professional in mind.

As such, this saw is not intended for light duty use.

The weight of the saw is one of its biggest strengths. At just under 6 pounds, this tool will not tire you out even with extended use. It is also balanced extremely well which adds to the comfort and ease of use. The large trigger switch is easy to access and easy to engage, even when the operator is wearing gloves.

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