Makita 12V Impact Wrench WT05

Makita 12V Impact Wrench WT05 Review: Features & Specifications

The Makita 12V Impact Wrench WT05 is a high quality tool with all the features needed for any professional or enthusiast. It’s designed for use in automotive applications where safety and reliability are paramount. The Makita 12V Impact Wrench WT05 offers the user a wide range of tools including a 1/4″ hex bit driver, 1/2″ hex bit driver, Phillips head screwdriver, ratchet drive, socket setter and much more.


12V Lithium Ion Battery Charger (not included) – Provides up to 2 hours of run time from empty charge.

Compact Size – Ideal for transportation and storage.

Highly Durable Alloy Construction – Made with durable alloy steel construction which is corrosion resistant and heat resistant.

Stainless Steel Screwdriver Head – The stainless steel screwdriver head provides maximum durability and protection against rusting.

Tool Storage Case Included – Holds all your tools securely while protecting them from damage during transport.

Can Be Synced to 12V Charger – The WT05 can be charged by the WT03 or WT04 12V charger. When a fully charged battery is placed in the WT05 and then charged by the WT03 or WT04, the WT05 will display “Charged” to indicate the battery has been charged. NOTE: The WT05 will not accept the current if its voltage is below 11V.

3 Year Warranty – Your guarantee of reliable and durable power tool operation.

Full Specifications:

No Load Speed: 0-2,400/0-3,000/min

Impact Rate: 0-3,800 bpm

Makita 12V Impact Wrench WT05 -

Battery: 12V Li-Ion Battery (1.5Ah, 15 minute charger time)

Net Weight: 1.97 kg

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