Mafell PSS 3100 SE Automatic Track Saw

Mafell PSS 3100 SE Automatic Track Saw

The Mafell brand name was founded in 1884. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of track saws in the world.

Their first product was a wooden roller type track saw made from wood with a blade made out of iron. These were used primarily for cutting rail ties and other railroad grade materials such as dirt, gravel, etc. The company later introduced their own patented design called “Track Saw” which consisted of two separate pieces of steel, one on each side of the saw. One piece had a straight edge at its center and a curved edge along both sides. This curved edge allowed the operator to cut through rails without having to worry about the edges being sharpened or damaged during use. They also added a safety feature where if they were not properly maintained, these tracks could become dull over time and require replacement.

In the early 1900’s they began producing their first electric track saws. They marketed them under various names including Bosch, Marmon, and others.

By the late 1930’s they were no longer making any new products but continued to sell parts and accessories for their existing line of track saws. In 1939 they sold all of their assets to German company Festool who would go on to produce many different types of power tools until it was purchased by Bosch in 1988. The company was eventually re-launched in the early 2000’s when it was purchased by a group of German investors and focused on producing mainly track saws.

The Mafell PSS 3100 SE is one their most popular track saws and has been sold under various names including Einhell, Makita, and Hitachi. It is extremely similar to the Bosch Professional Model 4sb1.

They are both high quality professional grade saws that are very durable and accurate. Weighing in at around 16 pounds it may be slightly on the heavier side compared to other saws in its class, but this is by design. It has a magnesium base plate which makes the saw extremely rigid and durable. The saw also has a nice hand grip that allows the user to easily change the angle of the blade up or down using just one hand.

The motor used in this saw is a 2.5 AMP induction motor.

This is slightly more powerful than a 2 AMP motor but they also draw significantly more current. It will eat up more of your battery power, but in exchange will spin the blade faster, which is a must when cutting through certain types of materials.

The PSS 3100 SE comes with a standard straight edge guide. It can be flipped up and out of the way to make bevel cuts or completely removed if you prefer to make bevel cuts independently.

It is accurate to a little less than a half degree and has measurement lines at every degree mark from 0 to 50.

The PSS 3100 SE has a carbide tipped blade that is designed for a wide range of applications. It can easily handle wood, plastic, drywall, and metal studs.

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Changing or replacing the blade is fairly easy to do with a simple lever release located directly behind the blade.

One of the most important factors when determining which saw to purchase is the amount of contact the blade has with the guide. With too little there is a risk that it will either jump around on the guide or get stuck and kickback.

If there is too much, then it will simply cut slowly and waste time. The ideal amount of contact varies from one application to another, some materials require very little while others require more, and this is something you will have to find out for yourself. Fortunately this saw allows you to easily adjust the depth of the cut. There is another lever located on the other side of the blade that regulates the distance between the blade and guide from a minimum of 6mm all the way up to 32mm.

The base of the Mafell also has an integrated V-block that helps keep the material you are cutting flat on the guide. It can be adjusted to accommodate different types and widths of material.

The base is also fairly large at around 12.8 inches and has four included wheels that allow you to easily move the saw from place to place, especially since this saw is on the heavier side.

This saw comes with a detachable metal fence that helps to guide long materials as well as a small miter gauge for making cross cuts. Each of these has its own clamp for more secure usage.

This is a very good saw for the handyman or average DIYer. You get a durable and accurate saw that can easily handle most tasks around the house from wood to metal studs.

It comes with a wide range of included accessories. The only disadvantage is the weight, but this also gives you piece of mind knowing that your saw isn’t going to break if you drop it. All in all this is a quality made product that should last for many years.

Brand: Mafell

Model: PSS 3100 SE

Mafell PSS 3100 SE Automatic Track Saw - Image

Origin: China

Composition: Aluminum Guide Rod, Plastic Base, Steel Blade Clamp, Other Parts

Power: 120V AC 2.5 AMP Induction Motor

Weight: 16.5 lb

Guide Types: Straight groove and “T” Slot

Guide Width: 12″

Cutting Width: 10-1/8″

Throat Depth: 4″

Max Cut Depth: 1-3/16″ (Wood), 2-5/8″ (Metal)

Blade Diameter: 12.80″

Blade Tilt: +45° Bevel -2.25° / +45° Bevel +2.25°

Mafell PSS 3100 SE Automatic Track Saw - Image

Fence: Yes

Miter Gauge: Yes

Price: $$$$

Rating: (3.5/5)

This is a full size sliding compound miter saw designed for both professionals and the serious handyman. The Bosch GCM12SD has a 12 inch blade and a 15 amp induction motor that can produce up to 3,600 rpm.

This is a durable and well-constructed saw that will provide years of quality service.

The GCM12SD has an excellent dust collection system that connects to your shop vac or can be connected to a dust extractor with a 4.5mm hose.

The dust system does a great job of keeping the line of cut clean and reducing mess as well as protecting the blades from excessive wear.

The GCM12SD has a single rack and pinion style rail that provides for more precise cuts along with less vibration than other types of rails.

The GCM12SD’s miter detent plate can be locked at six different positions and is accurate to 1/256 of a turn. This means that you can rely on it for repeated accuracy.

The bevel has a range of 0 to 48 degrees and has detents at every degree. The detents are a little stiffer than some other saws, but they are accurate and it is easy to re-align them if needed.

The positive stops are accurate to 1/20 of a turn with positive clicks at 0, 15, 23.9, 31.6, 39.2 and 45 degrees. If you want to be more accurate, there is a scale on the front of the saw that allows you to accurately measure the angle of any framing square.

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This is a well-balanced and easy to use sliding compound miter saw with enough features to keep it durable and precise for many years of service. The dust collection system also helps make cutting cleanly much easier.

This saw is one of the best on the market right now and will serve you well for years to come.

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