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The first thing to know about the Lind Equipment Beacon LED Tower Light is that it is not just another LED light tower. It’s a unique product with many features which make it stand out from other products. These include:

1) A built-in battery charger – no external power source required!

You don’t need any special tools or batteries to charge your device; simply plug it into any standard outlet and start using it immediately.

2) Built-in battery backup – if the main battery dies, the Beacon will automatically switch to a second one so you’ll always have enough power to operate.

3) Automatic shutoff function – when the light goes off, it means that all its functions are disabled and won’t work anymore.

However, there is a way to turn them back on again. Just press the button once again.

4) Low voltage protection – if the battery level drops too low, it will prevent the Beacon from working at all.

5) Remote control function – you can remotely activate/deactivate the lights from anywhere in the world via WiFi or Bluetooth® technology.

(You may want to use this feature if you’re away from home. The light will automatically turn back on at the same time every day.)

6) Temporary shutdown – if the battery temperature is too high, the beacon will temporarily shut off to protect it from overheating.

(This is very rare and would only occur under very unusual circumstances, such as leaving your light on in your car for several hours during a sweltering heat wave.)

You’ll notice that all these features are geared towards one thing: making sure your light operates safely and efficiently. You can rest assured that your light isn’t going to suddenly stop working or burn out.

That’s what you call peace of mind!

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of the product, let’s go over some of its features in more detail:

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Beacon Specifications:

Wattage: 60 watts. This is much brighter than any halogen or incandescent bulb, and equivalent to a 100 watt bulb.

Watts per Square Foot: 1.25.

This means that the light is more focused, less spread out and wasted.

Lumens: 3200. This is much brighter than any other LED light on the market.

Beam Spread: 60 degrees. Unlike most lights which give a wide, unfocused beam, this one gives a tight, narrow beam which is much brighter.

LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours. This means that you won’t need to replace the bulb for over 5 years of continuous use.

Warranty: 3 years. This product is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty.

What is this product best used for?

The main use for the beacon is to provide safety and security, but it can also be used for decoration. For example:

Lots of people like to place them on their houses to call attention to their business, political campaign, or other activities. However, please remember that they aren’t really intended for this purpose and doing so may void the warranty.

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Some people use them in their yards while they work on their cars or other projects so that they can see better.

Some people like to give beacons as gifts to their parents or grandparents who live in an area with a lot of street lights, but who want to feel safer when walking outside at night. The bright lights from the beacon can help illuminate the immediate area and make it seem like there’s a street light right near them.

It can also be used to provide light in an emergency situation, such as a power outage. It can also be used for hunting at night or to keep away wild animals.

The military has used this device in the past to help search for enemies at night.

People have even used these lights on their boats to keep from getting lost at sea or run over by other boats.

And these are just a few of the possible uses. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they keep you safe and secure. When you purchase one of our products, you aren’t just buying a light, you’re investing in safety and security.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere! Beacons have been used almost everywhere:

Along the side of roads. Beacons can be affixed to the top of a vehicle and used as a more efficient way of making sure that drivers and pedestrians can see each other.

Near the bottom of cliffs. When people go hiking on steep hills or mountains, they sometimes get so involved in looking at the scenery that they forget to watch where they’re going and accidentally step off a cliff.

Having a beacon near the base of the cliff will help prevent this from happening.

In the woods. People get lost in the woods all the time, even people who live in cities or who are visiting for the first time.

Hunters, hikers, and average explorers can all get lost. Having a powerful beacon can help them find their way back to where they came from.

Around construction sites. There are a lot of dangers near construction areas, especially at night.

Having a beacon to mark the site not only helps workers see where they’re going, but it helps other drivers see them as well.

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In the ocean. Boaters love using these beacons to keep from getting lost at sea or run over by a bigger ship.

Near warehouses and parking lots. Large stores sometimes have trouble keeping thieves away at night, especially if they’re carrying expensive merchandise.

Placing a beacon near the most frequently targeted parking lots can help security guards easily spot criminals.

On planes. Some private planes have been known to crash after flying over a body of water at night.

Beacons can help the pilot find his or her way back to shore.

On top of buses. Old and rickety buses are known to fall apart while on the road.

A beacon can help other drivers see that the bus is in danger of falling apart and prevent a possible accident.

In hallways and bathrooms. Beacons can be placed on ceilings to provide extra lighting for people walking underneath them.

Restrooms and dark hallways can also benefit from this.

Where can I purchase one?

We have distribution warehouses all across the nation. We will be able to ship you a beacon within 24 hours, regardless of your location. The fastest shipping method is via plane, but if your need is great enough, we can send a shipment via helicopter as well.

Can I return it?

All of our products are guaranteed to be in perfect working condition when they arrive. If you find that something is wrong with the beacon once you’ve purchased it, please return it within three days and we will provide you with a new one free of charge.

How much does it cost?

Due to high demand, the price of beacons has risen substantially. However, we realize that beacons are necessary for day-to-day life, so everyone should be able to purchase one. That’s why we offer different payment options, including a 90 day payment plan. Be sure to contact us if you need more information.

But won’t criminals start using them?

Criminals and evil-doers of all kinds love to use high-powered beacons while doing their dirty work. While this might seem like a problem, it actually helps police forces track down these criminals even more easily than before! It’s a win-win!

How many beacons can I place on my car?

You are allowed to place one beacon on your car. Any more than that will interfere with the signals. If you would like to place a beacon in your home, you can do that as well. Just place it near a window so the signal can reach outside. You can also place a beacon in your emergency kit so you can find it easily when needed.

Are there restrictions on who can buy beacons?

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a beacon. In some states, you may need to be 21 years of age. Unfortunately, if you’re under 21, you’ll have to wait to purchase a beacon. Beacons cannot be sold to individuals who are on parole or probation for violent crimes or felonies.

Are You Ready to Buy One?

Beacons are the best invention since the creation of the wheel! Everyone should buy at least one, and you can be part of this new revolution. By ordering a beacon today, you can help make the world a safer place for everyone.

Just think: Within a few years, homes and businesses might be required to have beacons installed. You can say you were an early adopter!

Will it interfere with my cell phone?

No. When a beacon is placed near a cell phone, the phone works better. In fact, some cell phones can even pick up the signal if the beacon is close enough to a window.

Can I use it for GPS?

A beacon can help your GPS find your location much faster than before. This is especially helpful if you get lost in a forest or some other area without cell service.

What else can it do?

A beacon can save your life. If you become lost, hurt, or stuck somewhere, just press the red button to send out an alert and the GPS will find your location.

What if someone steals it?

If someone takes your beacon, they won’t be able to use it unless they return it to within one foot of your car. After that, the settings will be locked so that only you can use it.

Are you sure this is safe?

Yes! Over 100,000 beacons have been sold without a single complaint. In fact, several universities are now making them mandatory for students.

Will it work inside my house?

Yes, but you’ll have to place it near a window or an open door to ensure the signal can reach outside. If you don’t have any windows, you can place it in your garage near your car.

Is it waterproof?

No, and neither is your car! Beacons are not waterproof and should never be placed near water. If it gets wet, it will stop working.

What if my battery dies?

You should test your beacon once a month to ensure the battery has a sufficient charge. You should also test it after it hasn’t been used for an extended period of time such as during the winter. If the battery is weak, you can place the beacon on the charger for a few hours. The charger is not included and must be purchased separately. Be sure to use only the charger that comes with the beacon.

Is it difficult to install?

No. Just place the beacon on the floor in the back of your car near a corner. Never place it in the middle of the car because it might get crushed or run over by the car.

What if I want to take my beacon with me?

You can carry it with you all the time, but it’s not recommended. First, if you’re in an accident and wearing the beacon, you might not be found as quickly. Second, if you wear it while swimming or near water, it might get damaged. Third, if you drop it in water or on the ground, someone might steal it. You should only carry it with you if you need to leave your car somewhere.

What is the range?

On average, a beacon can send out a signal from 30 feet away. If you are in a dense urban area or in a cave, it might be less. It could also be more if you’re outdoors in a rural area.

What happens if I have more than one beacon?

You can have more than one beacon in your car, but be careful. If you have more than one beacon turned on at the same time, it might interfere with how one or both work. In other words, if you’re in a dense urban area, it is better to only have one beacon on at a time. If you’re in a rural area with no other beacons around, you can likely have several beacons on at the same time.

Can I program the beacon so that it sends out multiple alerts?

No. The system is designed to send out one alert. This helps to ensure that it is always working properly. Multiple alerts might also confuse search and rescue people who are looking for you.

How can I get more information about this?

You can learn more about how emergency beacons work by visiting the website: ________________ and by watching the videos at the bottom of the page.

Lind Equipment Beacon LED Tower Light from our website

Be sure to register your beacon online! This helps emergency workers to find you and it also lets you track the battery level of your beacon.

Beacons should be registered with your information and the number on the back of your credit card. Don’t worry, your information is not stored or shared with anyone.

You can learn more about where beacons are allowed by visiting the website: ________________

Beacons are not allowed in checked bags on airplanes due to security reasons. If you must travel with your beacon, keep it in your carry-on bag.

Beacons are not allowed in or close to these facilities due to security reasons: oil rigs, refineries, nuclear power plants, dams, and airports. Be very careful around these areas and make sure your beacon is turned off.

If you ever have a problem with your beacon, visit the website: ________________ and click on troubleshooting for help.

Beacon battery life can last for many years as long as you follow the proper instructions. Be sure to replace your beacon every 5-7 years to ensure that it works when you need it the most.

I understand and agree with everything above.

Use this page to print out this Warning Page and the Terms of Service.

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