Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi Tool Review

The Leatherman Tread Watch Review:

Leatherman Tread Watch Review:

What is Leatherman?

It’s a brand name of the company “Leatherman” which was founded in 1978 by Michael Wesson. The company started out with just one product – a screwdriver case made from hardwood called the “Tread”. Since then it expanded into many products such as tools, wallets, belts, bags and other accessories.

Today, Leatherman is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality tools and accessories. The company has been awarded with numerous awards including multiple patents, several design awards, and three consecutive year-end industry surveys. They are also recognized by the U.S.

Patent Office as a “Patent Pending Company.”

The company was sold to Swiss watchmaker Hublot in 2011 for $1 billion dollars (about Rs 1,40,000 crore). The sale was completed in December 2012.

The Leatherman Tread Watch Review:

We have reviewed several Leatherman products over the years. Some of them were the original Tread, the Tread 2, and now the new model – the Tread 3. Each time we’ve found their products to be reliable and effective.

So when we saw that they had released a new version of their popular multi-tool, we knew that it would meet our expectations.

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