Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 Rugged Smartphone Review

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 Review: Pros & Cons


+ Solid build quality (metal)

+ Good screen resolution (1080p) with good color reproduction and viewing angles. You will not have any issues with reflections or glare from bright lights. Also, it supports full HD video playback without any problem. The camera app works well even if you are using the front facing camera which is quite useful when taking photos of your kids playing outside.

+ Very fast processor. You won’t experience any lag while browsing the internet or doing other tasks.

+ Plenty of memory space for all your apps and data files. There is no limit to how much you can store there!

+ USB Type C port allows you to charge the phone quickly and easily. The battery life is great too since it has a large 3100 mAh battery capacity which lasts up to 7 hours of continuous use before needing recharging again.

+ Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS comes pre-installed so you don’t need to worry about updating it yourself.


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– No microSD card slot for additional storage. You will have to buy one separately. However, the internal memory is very limited at only 16GB which is less than most phones out there today. If you plan on storing lots of videos and music then this might be a deal breaker for you though.

So, Should You Buy the Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2?

The Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 is ideal for customers who want a durable phone with a large screen for watching videos or web browsing on the go. It also has long battery life and a powerful processor for multi-tasking. Since there is no expandable memory, you will have to delete some files if you run out of space so keep that in mind.

You Should Buy This Phone If:

+ You use your phone for multi-media (such as watching videos, streaming music, or playing games)

+ You want a solid phone with good build quality that can take a beating

You Shouldn’t Buy This Phone If:

– You need lots of internal memory for storing media files and apps. There’s only 16GB of space so you will likely run out of space quickly if you are a heavy user.

– You want a phone with expandable memory. There is none available.

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Product Description

The Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 is a durable phone with a classic design that won’t break if dropped. It’s also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about rain or an accidental drop in the toilet. Also, it has a large 5.5 inch screen for viewing videos, shows, and web browsing on the go.

Don’t lose your phone?

Break your phone by losing it. We’ve all been there.

Have you ever had to call customer care because you lost or broke your phone?

Not fun. If you break this phone you don’t have to worry about that because it’s very durable. It has a rubber exterior and sturdy build quality so you can drop it without worrying about damaging the hardware. If you happen to lose this phone though, don’t worry. You can connect to the internet using the advanced WiFi connectivity or go old school with the built in FM radio.

Who listens to those anymore?

Long lasting battery life is a crucial feature when choosing a phone. Luckily, this phone has a long battery life so you can talk on the phone all day or listen to music all night and still not have to charge it every few hours. The 3200mAh battery lasts for up to 11 hours of talk time and up to 40 days of standby time! That’s a lot of texting, talking, web browsing, and listening to your favorite music before having to recharge.

This phone comes with a 2.5mm headset jack so you can listen to music or talk on the phone hands free. You can also use any other pair of headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack with this phone since it comes with a converter adapter. The music and FM radio sound quality will blow you away with this phone.

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Surround sound has never come this far!

This phone has WiFi connectivity for you to browse the web and connect to your home WiFi. The interface is easy to use and the web pages load quickly on the large screen. The large screen also makes video streaming easy and fun on this device. Use the WiFi at home or at work to your advantage!

If you love taking pictures with your phone, then this is the phone for you. The 13MP camera will capture every detail and moment in picture perfect quality. Use it to capture priceless selfies or scenic pictures while you’re out and about. Your cell phone has never looked this good.

Forget carrying around a HDMI cable and a separate media player. With this phone you can turn your HD TV into a smart TV! Use the Miracast feature to cast videos, pictures, and movies directly to your TV in full HD. This feature also allows you to play music and other noises though your home theater system. Watch your favorite shows on the big screen or play eye-straining games on the phone that were never meant to be played on such a small screen.

This phone comes with 16GB of storage for all of your pictures, videos, music, and other files. You can add up to 32GB USB flash drive for extra storage using the plug in the microusb port. This port is also used for charging so you don’t need to carry around a bulky charging brick. The battery life on this phone is amazing so make sure you take advantage of it!

A built in answering machine handles all your messages so you won’t have to. Simply talk into the phone and the message is sent directly to your email or to a cloud server where you can download it when it is more convienent.

The latest operating system makes this device faster than ever before. The 1.2 Ghz quad core processor can access the internet at blazing speeds. If you are lagging while playing games or using other data heavy applications, then the 1GB of RAM will take care of that by providing instant access to commonly used programs.

If this phone ever gets wet, simply dry off the speaker and mic with a paper towel and place the phone in a bag of uncooked rice. This absorbs any moisture in the device. (Works better than leaving it in the sun! Do not try that!)

With a large and easy to read screen, you’ll be able to clearly see who is calling or which song is playing. The phone book holds up to 1,000 contacts so you won’t ever have to say “Let’s see, I know she has a mom and dad…mom’s name is…


This phone makes communicating with others more simple than ever.

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The phone does not require a contract, so there are no ongoing or monthly fees. You only need to make one payment for your phone and then you own it!

Dimensions: 5.46 in x 2.59 in x 0.47 in Weight: 3.35 oz

Operating System: Google Android Operating System (v4.2.2 – Jellybean)

Screen: 4.

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